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Leaving on a jet plane...

Yesterday was a major day in my life.

The day woke up gloomy and rainy; setting the perfect tone for my emotions that day.

The day that we drove to the airport as a family.

And I came home alone (well, with Noah).

Cornel left for his business trip and took Nathan along.

Nathan was so excited to get to ride on the plane again.  He had his little "suitcase" with books for the trip.

He ran through security and clapped when he didn't beep.  He waved goodbye to his mother, and never looked back.

This is the first time that Nathan has ever been on a plane without me.  This is the first time that I have been away from him longer than a few days.

I am not ashamed to admit I cried on the way home.

He, on the other hand, is busy having fun with Daddy on the their "man trip".  At least I got a couple of cuddles and "I love you's" before he left.  This should help get me through the next weeks.

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First Flight

A little over a week ago we packed our bags and headed to see Cornel's family in Romania.

Exciting since not only would this be the first time that most of his family would meet Noah but also because this would be Noah's first plane ride.

At nearly five months Noah was no stranger to traveling but first plane rides always make me nervous. Let us not forget the time that I was stranded at the airport with Nathan for over ten hours.

This time, however, we would be traveling as a family and all that entails. Getting through security was an adventure and Nathan wanted nothing more than to keep running through the metal detectors.

Security and customs aside, we all survived the airport and the ride went amazingly well. It looks as if Noah will be a great flyer just like his big brother.

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