Finishing 2012

I can't wait to start writing about my trip, but before I do I really wanted to finish my re-cap of 2012.

Bear with me, it's almost over.

The last three months of 2012 were a little hectic.  It always seems like the end of the year sneaks up on me and the holidays always catch me off guard.


We started October with an American Halloween a la francais.  We had a huge celebration with all of the Americans in town and let the kids go trick or treating.  Nathan was so excited to not only go to a party but to dress up as a Pirate.  He still talks about the party in the park, it was that fun.

We also drove to a tiny village for the apple festival only to find out that it was just people selling apples.  Definitely not the apple picking we had in mind.


I felt compelled to make an American Thanksgiving meal.  It was in the middle of the work week and the kids had school, but we made it our own.  The meal was great, the kids wore turkey hats and best of all we had our families on Skype.  It was the next best thing to being there.

November was also a HUGE day for my tiny little blog... I had my SITS Day!


Then December snuck up on me, like it tends to do.  Wanting to soak up all of the Christmas magic, I took Nathan on a trip to Paris - just the two of us.  There was the tree at Galaries Lafayette, there were lights and the Seine, it was pure magic.

We also had to say goodbye to Nathan's amazing teachers. It was such a bittersweet day.  I still miss them.

In December we also took our big trip back to the States, but more on that soon!
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Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

The kids are adorable, as usual! You had a full year!

DaniD said...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip - loving hearing about your adventures in Paris; it's like I'm there :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great recap, I even remember those things :-)

Jessica Watson said...

You always have such great adventures, my trips to library storytime aren't quite as exciting.

Natalie said...

The end of the year is crazy...can't wait to hear about your trip!

SkyMommy said...

Loved your recaps. Can't wait to hear about trip!

Xae Nafew said...

Wow! You had a full year :)
The pictures are usual. Will come back to read about the trip :D

Blond Duck said...

Just have to say, I want a giraffe outfit like that!

Shellsea said...

I love skype for that feature! I skyped my family one Christmas morning to open our gifts. and Colin was a pirate this year too, just like Nathan!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I had forgotten about your special Halloween.

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