Le Potty

As soon as this year started we knew that we had to begin potty training Nathan.  With him turning 3 at the end of the year he would have to be enrolled in preschool (ecole maternelle), where they do not change diapers.

It's kind of frustrating since school is mandatory which means so is the potty training.  There is definitely no "wait until he's ready" mentality.

So with the big third birthday looming and the pre-school deadline approaching we knew something had to be done.

I had all of these great intentions of training Nathan while I was on my four month maternity leave. I thought four months would be plenty of time to train Nathan, and then I had a baby and well you know how that goes.  So Nathan stayed in diapers.

It was disappointing but I figured I had until January. WRONG. I really should have informed myself about the school process because as it turns out Nathan has to go starting in September.

Completely stressed, I asked my husband for help. We decided to try potty training - cold turkey.

We started on a Saturday and let Nathan run around only in pants. Let me say that we spent most of the day on our hands and knees while going through a roll of paper towels.

I was thinking by this point that I would have to homeschool because he would much rather pee on the couch than approach the potty.

Sunday was much better with only a few minor accidents to speak of. As for Monday, he asked for the potty right away. Success.

Two weeks later here we are with Nathan fully potty trained during the day. He even asks for the potty daycare.

I never though Nathan would be ready for potty training. Ready schmready. I am not sure if I believe this "wait until they are ready" mentality. Who knows, maybe Noah will come around in two years and throw a curve ball my way.

The only thing I know for sure is that my life is so much easier only changing one baby's diapers.
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Job Lovin'

I almost never write about work or my job.  This is mostly on purpose since I am sure that my company name is Googled often.

I have been with the same company for 7 years now, I was a baby when I started (ok, in my very early twenties).

I have had several positions: audit, finance and the like.  I have had my good days and my bad days; my good bosses and bad bosses.

There have been days where I have wanted to just walk out and quit but then better judgment prevails.

In fact, I am truly lucky to work where I work, here's why:
  • I have traveled the world.  Thanks to my job I have had the chance to travel to some places I would never seen otherwise, like Poland.
  • They have given me the opportunity to live abroad.  Living in a different country for a few years is the opportunity of a lifetime!

  • They have their own daycare.  I love that my kids are right down the road.  I love that they allow me to go and nurse Noah whenever I can. 

  • They have their own international school. I love that my son will get a bilingual education, and even better that I don't have to figure out the French public school system.

  • They have their own infirmary with doctors and nurses on-site.  Did I mention a room for pumping while nursing?  Because I love not having to do that in a bathroom stall.
  • I have a cafeteria that serves things like poached salmon with steamed vegetables and mousse au chocolate, and I pay $5. 

  • I always get gifts.  I  love gifts.  But not as much as Nathan.

  • I have made several lifelong friends, and this is where I met the love of my life. (maybe this should have been bumped up on the list)

I may complain about my job on the regular, but who doesn't?  The truth is that I can't imagine working anywhere else for a while.  I'm one of the few people that loves their job.

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What on earth is wrong with my blogging skills lately? I have so much to say, literally, but haven't had the time to sit down and write it all.

There has been the new job, they kids in daycare, sick kids as a result of daycare, easter holiday, planning for the may holidays, and everything in between.

Life has gotten a hold of me. I have tons of fun posts coming up, but for now patience.

I will leave you with this gorgeous photo taken at the crèche (French for daycare). You see, Nathan is still a little jealous of his baby brother and since he love his daycare teachers so much we thought it would be more beneficial to put them in separate classes. A place for Noah to be Noah and Nathan to be Nathan.

Nathan being a typical big brother, pretended his little brother didn't exist. Then miraculously Nathan went over to visit Noah. This is news in and of itself, but it didn't end there. He went over, kissed him and played with him.

I'm thinking it was all for show. He wanted the teachers to ooh and ahh over him. He sure doesn't do that at home. Either way, they took this super cute picture of my boys and the director emailed it to me (the perks of a company daycare).

Aren't they cute? Brotherly love at its finest.

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Working, working, working

I started work yesterday after being home for 16 weeks.

I wasn't ready. I loved being at home with Noah. I loved being home to watch every milestone: the first laugh, first giggle.

It makes me sad that I won't be there to see all of the future milestones: the rolling over, etc.

While I know that I am not the first working mother to feel this way, for me this is a rather strange set of emotions.

When Nathan was born, I couldn't wait to go back to work. I was sad to leave him, but I was ready.

I was going crazy at home. I needed to get out of the house. I needed to go back and feel productive. I needed real conversation.

I longed to wear the business suits, the slacks the skirts. I longed to wake up in the morning and get ready to go somewhere. Anywhere.

In my mind Nathan was such a difficult baby, and I didn't know how to take care of him. He would cry and I would cry.

We never got in sync with each other and the 13 weeks we spent together were a rough start to motherhood.

Looking back, Nathan was a normal baby and Noah is the same as Nathan was. Perhaps now after having gone through it once before, I am more mentally equipped to deal with a baby.

I am a better mother to Noah thanks to Nathan. I realize that these moments are fleeting and pass much to quickly.

I also realize that I might not get another chance to see these milestones. I have no idea if another baby is in our future.

Nathan made me a mother and made me understand how to deal with these changes within myself. How to deal with the beauty that comes with watching your child grow and evolve as a little person.

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried when I left him yesterday. That a little piece of my heart broke as I walked away from him.

I know that he is in amazing hands. I know that he will flourish in daycare that way that Nathan has. Knowing all of this doesn't make it any easier.
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WIWW...out and about

I had a super emotional post ready to post today.  A post abut how this is my last week of maternity leave and how I am nowhere near ready to leave my son.  A post that made me cry as I was writing it, but with my husband out of town yet again I am not in the mental place to be able to hit the publish button.

This is why today you will get pictures of what I wore out and about this week.  With the husband being so super busy with work, I have had to do more running around than I usually do, which means actually getting out of my PJ's and yoga pants.  

All of these pictures are taken in the nursery because that is where I spend most of time.  I think the giraffe and monkey might start talking back to me soon.  And all pictures were taken with my phone because who has the time to take out the big camera these days?

blazer:  JCrew / Jeans & Top:  Old Navy
I went through a period where I was obsessed with the color pink.  While my wardrobe has changed a little since then, I could not part with this blazer.

Shirt:  Old Navy / Jeans:  Abercrombie / Scarf: H&M / Shoes:  Tod's

I loved this outfit.  This fun green and black leopard scarf was a Christmas gift from my beautiful sister-in-law.  I always have so much fun wearing it.  And my Tod's flats are by far my favorite pair of shoes.

Shirt & Belt: H&M / Cardi & Jeans: Old Navy
This was my outfit during the daycare drop-off.  I usually wear just a tee with a card but decided to throw the belt on because I felt a little blah.

pleated poppy

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American in Paris part deux

Having a baby abroad is always an adventure.  Besides having to deal with the foreign doctors and foreign practices there is a whole slew of administrative responsibilities that arise.  The most obvious is filing for an American birth certificate and passport.

You might remember my post about having to take a passport picture of a two month old.  It wasn't fun or easy, but we got it done just in time for our appointment at the American Embassy in Paris.  Did I not mention that you can only apply for these things by appointment only?

Since we just went through all of this with Nathan two years ago, we were a little bit more aware of how the process would work.  All of the documentation was gathered and off we went.

Security at the embassy is still a major pain but they were super nice and accommodating to the family with a both a baby and a toddler in tow.

After a small verification that I am indeed an American and qualify to pass citizenship to Noah, we were all set.  They gave us a tiny American flag to commemorate the occasion.

We didn't get one with Nathan so the counselor (is that what he's called?) gave us a second flag for Nathan.  He loved it so much that he waved it all over Paris from the comfort of his stroller.  We did get some funny looks walking down the street; it was hysterical.

Later that evening, Noah decided to get in on the flag waving action.  He certainly is proud to be an American.

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