My school years are sort of a blur - I think subconsciously I blocked out all recollections of anything before college.

I was the heavy-set awkward girl that always struggled to find a place to fit in.  That isn't to say that I didn't have friends.  I had some great friends - friends that I can still count on today.  For some reason though, I struggled to try and find a "great" school memory.

Growing up in an extremely small town it is hard to shed those "labels" that high schools thrive on.  There were cliques that had formed in elementary school that continued well into our teen years.  There was one week a year though, where we dropped all of our differences and came together as a class.


A word that conjures up some great high school memories - memories of pep rallies, parades and football games.

My favorite memory though, float building.

Every night we would gather at the local armory to create our class float - the float that would represent our class in the Homecoming parade.

Our nights were filled with molding chicken wire and covering it with paper mache. Nights filled with making crepe paper flowers and making signs with tempra paint.

All of this for bragging rights of having the best float of the year.

It was the only week were the cliques were gone.  The week where school mates were actual friends.

The only week were we united as the Class of 1998.  The class that won "Best Class" all four years.

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Neat memory! You know, I never worked on the floats. I did, however, ride a horse bareback (wearing a tutu) the year the theme was something dealing with the circus.

Kathy Penney said...

Homecoming was one of my best high school memories as well and I keep meaning to go back as that is sort of a tradition in my small town. Will feel strange to take my kids. They will be too young to share photos of me in my homecoming princess dress and awful Aquanet hair thank goodness!

Alley said...

I wish I would have done more in school activities. Homecoming was amazing for us too though, plus I love a good reason to get all dolled up...I don't get those anymore. I miss it.

Sadie Ussery said...

Love it! I was really into homecoming since I was a cheerleader! Spirit week was always full of fun!
Stopping by from SITS!

Amanda Rose said...

I never did our school float and people didn't usually take it seriously where I went. I can relate to the small country school, though!

Amanda Rose

Hope Reid said...

It's great that even with all our differences there is one week that can unify an entire school...a week were you can enjoy being a highschooler. Great post

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

It really is nice when everyone puts aside their differences and really gets along like that.

Are We There Yet! said...

I lived in a very small town and we didn't do floats... we were lucky to have Homecoming.

I remember my Daughter doing her float and having a great time doing it.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This sounds like a great way to build class unity!

Emmy said...

I graduated one year after you. And yes- our homecoming week, while we didn't have a class float there was definitely a lot more class unity.

There were three grade schools that filtered into one junior high and then one high school when I went to school- so yea, those early on clicks were definitely there throughout the whole time. A lot of the reason I was more than happy to go far away for college and start fresh

Natalie said...

Oh how I love homecoming---both in college and high school!

Kim said...

Our school didn't have such a thing but I think I would have liked it if it had.

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