Hand me downs

I was the oldest of two girls, so everything I had was always shiny and new.  I was also a tad bit spoiled and would often get most of the things my little heart desired.

My sister is six years younger than I am, which means by that point my parents had gotten rid of all things baby.  All of her stuff was also shiny and new.

This notion of "hand-me-downs" was all so foreign to me because i didn't understand the concept.  Well there were times that my mom would give me clothes that my cousin (who was 7 years older) no longer wanted - but those would get shoved in a closet never to be seen from again.

Then I found out that I was having a second boy and the doctor exclaimed "at least you'll save on clothes".  No kidding.  I was ecstatic - I wouldn't have to buy a.single.new.item of clothing!  SCORE!

I pulled out all of the baby clothes - washed and voila - good as new.

Then I started feeling guilty. I'm not sure why, since a lot of the clothes I had for Nathan were also "handed down" from a great friend (with great taste I might add) - but still the guilt was there.

I wanted Noah to have something of his own.  Something that I can give to him when he is older and say, "this was yours when you were a baby".  Something to feed my hoarder tendencies and shove in a closet for another 20+ years for the sake of sentimentality.

I ended up buying him a baby blanket - something that he wouldn't outgrow.  It was perfect for cuddling on those cold December nights.  It was his blanket.

Then, as if everyone knew what I was going through, Noah started receiving gifts - such special gifts.

My aunt from Mexico knitted Noah a blanket - just like she had done for Nathan.  It is soft and perfect.

His Godparents in Atlanta then sent us his birthday Elephant, with his name and birthday on the ear - along with a matching blanket.

I realized that while it might be a few years before Noah ever gets any new clothes of his own - he is loved and that is more important than living in "hand me downs".

Also, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  You definitely made me feel better about marking all as read!  I'm trying to catch up now, I promise.
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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We love hand me downs here! With 3 boys, how could we not ;-)

Liene said...

We love hand-me-downs too : I think it's great looking through family photos and spotting a young cousin or niece wearing an outfit that one of my two boys is wearing these days. Some special outfits have their own history and story being handed down in addition - plenty of love in those gifts!

Emmy said...

Yrs hand me downs especially when they are babies and grow so fast is the way to go. As Ryder is out growing things I am now donating them, since we are done and I have found it is the things that were also Lucas that I have a hard time parting with or don't. Most of Ryder's new stuff just doesn't hold as much meaning.

Ali - My Suitcase Full of Tricks said...

Awesome post! I feel the same way about Justin, but I've found that I've picked up new things along the way and they're just as special.

jeands said...

my girl has almost the same elephant only in lavender and pink color it was a gift from her godparent too.

my girl has some hand me down clothes too since all her cousins are girls but I still can't help buying her clothes. I mean, we want something of her own, right? hehe

happy weekend!

Mothering From Scratch said...

{Kathy} Hand me downs are the norm around here. My youngest son, Luke, still gets stuff from his oldest brother who is 18. Stuff from Baby Gap, Gymborree always seem to "make it."

Jennifer Bosse said...

I'm going through the same thing right now. We're expecting our second little boy in a month and while it's been great not having to stock up on clothes, baby gear and miscellaneous baby toys, it does pave way for a sense of guilt. I guess it's also been making me more emotional lately because no one has offered to throw my second born a baby shower (and trust me, it's not about the gifts, it's about the celebration of it) So I feel like he's making a quiet, solemn entrance into the world and that sometimes breaks my heart. I want him to be celebrated and exclaimed over in the same way that his big brother was and I'm afraid that one day he will feel that he's living in his brother's shadow or that no one cared as much about him. So I do plan to get him something of his own, special to him. And then I plan to celebrate like there's no tomorrow when he gets here because he deserves it.

Thanks for posting about your situation, because it helped me realize I'm not alone.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I think hand me downs are wonderful! And yes that the love is way more important.

Sara Louise said...

I used to always get my brother's hand me downs. I can't tell you how much I wished I had an older sister instead!

Natalie said...

I know what you mean! I realized I had not bought a thing for baby #2 until about a month ago. I did have to get some more summer stuff since Nolan was an October baby and this one is an August one.

Quiana said...

As the oldest of 4 I think it's definitely important to have a few items of their own. I think you have a beautiful collection that's special! What a thoughtful post.

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