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Last week I was honored by Liene over at Femme au Foyer with the Stylish Blogger Award.  This is extra special since Liene is one of the few bloggers that I have actually met in real life.  We live in the same tiny French town and are both expatriates with the same company.  We are also both expecting our second children within a couple weeks of each other!

The rules of the award are that I have to share with you 7 style tips before passing on this prestigious award to other bloggers.

I will tell you that being pregnant does not make one feel really stylish.  I consider having a stylish day any day where I can still see my feet to determine whether or not my shoes match.  But nonetheless, I figured I would impart my maternity style non-wisdom to everyone.

1. Always wear a cute pair of shoes.  I only wear tennis shoes if I'm working out.  While the rest of me might look and feel like a cow, a good pair of shoes will always fit.  And even if the rest of me is looking/feeling frumpy at least my feet look cute.  I'm not always talking about high heels, I wear a lot of flats, but I always make an effort to at least have a cute pair on.

2.  Invest in some key pieces.  I am the first to tell you how much I despise maternity clothes.  It isn't the clothes so much that I despise - but the having to pay so much money for clothes I will only wear for 3 - 4 months.  I did spend a few hundred dollars in some key pieces - such as jeans and work pants and a nice dress to carry me through my pregnancy.  I loved items that fit that I could mix and match with my existing wardrobe.  The best part, I didn't feel guilty about spending a fortune.

3.  Make your existing wardrobe work for you.  I didn't realize how many pieces of my own wardrobe could still be worn while  7 months pregnant.  I pair cute stretch sweaters with an under tank, or those longer t-shirts with my maternity jeans.  What about those skirts with the elastic waistband that can be worn under the belly, or even those comfy dresses with a higher waistline.  Not only will you be comfortable, but you will also look great while rocking what you already own.

4.  Rock the bump.  If you've got it, flaunt it.  Is that how the saying goes?  I love to show off my bump (now that I have one), so I always try to wear clothes that dress it up, rather than cover it behind tons of materials.  It's a special time in your life that should be remembered and embraced.

5.  Get outside and move (unless you are on bed rest of course)!  I'm stealing this one from Liene!  French women are so cute and tiny while pregnant because they walk everywhere.  Even if you aren't power walking to lose weight, the fresh air and the sun on your face will do wonders for you and help accentuate that pregnancy glow!

6.  Get out of your PJ's. Trust me, there are days when all I want to do is wear sweatpants and t-shirts and sit on the couch.  It's amazing what just getting dressed (even in jeans and a t-shirt) can do for your state of mind.  So even if you don't plan on going anywhere, throw your hair up - change out of your hubby's clothes and go for a walk around the block.

7.  Embrace this time!  Your body is changing, your family is changing, everything is changing.  Embrace it.  And when you husband/partner is telling you that you are beautiful - believe it!  You are creating a life and that is beauty!

And now for the fun part...I get to pass this award on to other fabulous bloggers.  Please stop by and show them some love.

Marc from Our Simple Lives - because no one can rock a Santa outfit in October like he can
Katherine from Paid in China - because any girl who can wear a face mask and still look cute has some serious style!
Quiana from Harlem Love Birds - because she always looks so put together and her daughter Nia is just the cutest!
Sara from Our Breezy Beach Life because she always looks so gorgeous and put together even at 30+ weeks pregnant.

(Rules:  Post your 7 and pass it on!)
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Kiddothings said...

Congrats on the award! You are one stylish mama indeed and those are great style tips! :)

Liene said...

Excellent list! Keep on rockin' that bump!

Jessica said...

You are seriously the cutest pregnant mama ever. Love seeing your bump get bigger and you are definitely rocking it. I totally agree with showing it off. When I was on bedrest I was so bummed that I couldn't wear cute stuff and show off my huge belly so the next time I was pregnant I made sure I always wore clothing that showed off my belly.

Jessica said...

Getting out of my pajamas has always been difficult. Even if I'm not pregnant.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love "embrace your time". I don't like being sick all the time, but being pregnant is truly such a miracle.

You are a great bump rocker.

Mark said...

You are kidding me!
Thank you so much for this. Just the idea that you find me the least bit "fabulous" is an award in itself.
I love this but need to let you know that I've received it a couple of times. So if you don't mind, I'm not going to list 7 things about me. Really, you should know everything by now. Okay, maybe one thing: I LOVE THOSE LEATHER BOOTS OF YOURS!. How's that?
Anyway, I would like to add your name and website to the award that is already posted on my site if you don't mind. Let me know.
Thanks again for finding me interesting. And I'm kicking myself for getting rid of that Santa suit now.
Your Friend, m.

Nieves said...

Enhorabuena por el premio Barbara, te lo tienes totalmente merecido, porque tu blog tiene estilo, clase, elegancia, cariƱo y simpatia. Vamos ¡que me encanta tu blog jejeje! Un beso muy fuerte,

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