WIWW...16 weeks

This week was supposed to be nice and relaxing with Nathan and I staying home for the week with no work and no daycare.  Sadly we've both been sick and the weather has been terrible - cold and rainy!  This has been anything but a fun week at home.

I consider the fact that I even got out of my PJ's this week a major accomplishment!  We did have a doctor's appointment on Monday to check on baby #2, which was nice since I was forced to actually get up and dressed in the morning.

I have gained 1kg (2.2 pounds) and for some reason that just seems like a lot to me at this stage of my pregnancy.  The baby seems to be doing healthy and I'm still not in maternity clothes.  I would love to hold off until for a couple more weeks, but we'll see.  I still haven't felt the baby move, but I didn't feel Nathan until week 20, so I have a few more weeks before I worry about that.

And here now are the pictures of me in week 16 in all of my sick and un-makeup glory.

shirt: H&M; sweater & Jeans: Old Navy; shoes:  Minelli

Top: H&M; Jeans:  Old Navy; Shoes:  Nine West: Sweater wrap:  Unknown

And just for fun here is the picture of my pregnant with Nathan at 16 weeks.  I feel like I was much bigger then even thought I was actually smaller..
And because my mom asked:  Able to hear what's going on outside the womb! Loud noises are startling, but classical music is soothing … She’s the size of an onion!

pleated poppy
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Jessica said...

What a fun time! You look fabulous! Is there a difference in French culture and pregnancy? Since they are so much more fashion conscious there, I wonder if there is more of an emphasis on not showing/gaining weight?

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

You look fantastic!! Boy, I had gained a lot more than that when I was 4 months along.

I'm sorry to hear you and your little one weren't feeling well. I hope you're both feeling better by now. I think when one is sick, staying in pjs is just the thing! Plus, some comfort food :).

Whitney Jay said...

haha on my weeks off, sometimes it takes a doctors appointment or something to get me out of my pajamas! and I'm not even pregnant.


Helene said...

Seriously??? You look amazing!!!!! And you're totally stylish on top of that!

You should've seen me at 16 wks pregnant...if I had been laying on the beach, someone would've shoved me back in the water, confusing me for a beached whale.

Elena said...

You look great! Hopefully the weather & sickness leaves your house!

Jessica said...

Love those shoes in the first picture.

You look great in all the pictures. I was a mess when I was pregnant.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You look wonderful! JDaniel love classical music too.

Jen said...

You are looking good, mama! Even if you are sick!

Kristi said...

Hi Barbara!
I've been gone for awhile so today I'm back visiting my favorite blogs! :) Since I've been MIA I didn't realize you were pregnant! Congratulations ....that's awesome!! Thanks for posting the pictures. Looking forward to catching up with you.

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