WIWW...14 weeks

Well you have by now seen my announcement that we are happily expecting baby #2!

I've heard that some women "pop" earlier in their second pregnancy so I was hoping that I wouldn't "pop" before I could make the official announcement, both in my personal life and on the internet.  I was lucky that with Nathan I didn't start showing until well until my 5th month and didn't need to buy/wear any maternity clothes until my 6th month.  I was hoping that the trend would continue with this baby.

For now, I'm still in my normal clothes and while they might be a little snug, I still haven't noticed a big change.

 Friday work: 14 weeks exactly
Top:  Kohl's {old}
Jeans: Abercrombie
Wedges: Mia

I didn't get any other pictures, other than my "before" picture for my haircut.  Sadly, later that evening I fell down with some sort of stomach virus.  You can definitely tell by my outfit choice and my expression that I was already not at 100%, so I will spare posting it again.

As for the pregnancy, all is well.  There have been no unusual cravings and no excessive weight gain.  The first trimester flew by and hopefully the second will as well.  

pleated poppy
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blueviolet said...

Congratulations on this wonderful news!

Ali - My Suitcase Full of Tricks said...

NO! I missed that announcement because I fell behind on blog reading lately. Congratulations!

Jen said...

You are gorgeous!! I could never hide my pregnancies very long...I was lucky to make it to 12 weeks.

Shell said...

Would never be able to tell!

Karen Greenberg said...

Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy. I was wearing maternity clothes by week 8 with my second daughter. I'm jealous! :-)

Jessica said...

I hope everything goes easy for you the second time around!

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