Rocking the Bump

Today I'm going to share a picture of when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Nathan. Looking at it now, I realize I didn't look so bad, I had gained 18 pounds (9 kgs) during my pregnancy and felt like a cow! I should say however that I loved being pregnant and I was one of these lucky few who never had any morning sickness and felt great 98% of the time.

I'm also going to do a double whammy and share a story about this picture. You see, during my pregnancy my husband was in a very demanding position and had to work very late hours (as in past 9 pm). I didn't like it but I dealt with it. He always used to call around 8 pm and let me know he was still at work and what time he would be home, etc. etc.

On the night this particular picture was taken, my husband hadn't called me and it was past 8:30. Of course being the emotional pregnant mess that I was, I freaked out. I called both his office phone and his cell phone and got no answer. I didn't know whether I was more angry or upset. I was crying and kept hitting redial on my phone like it was my job!

Finally, at around 9:30 my sweet husband walked through the door not knowing what was waiting for him.

"Why didn't you answer, I was worried!"

"I was in a meeting"

"But what if I had gone into labor and I couldn't get a hold of you.  Why didn't you at least have your phone?"

"But you didn't go into labor" {This answer was always the kicker}

"But I COULD have!!"

Shortly after calming me down he suggested we go to a place called Luna Park, an amusement park.  The conversation then went something like this:

"It's 10 at night and I'm PREGNANT!!  What do you think I'm going to do at Luna Park!!! It's like you don't even love me at all!" 

I was never more irrational than when I was pregnant, particularly on this night!  In the irony of life, a few hours later I was in the hospital giving birth to Nathan.

I was very quick to point out to my husband that I WAS in labor that evening!  It's a wonder he didn't leave me stranded at the hospital!

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Jessica said...

Such cute pics! I was the same way while pregnant but I think even more irrational. I love that you actually did go into labor that night, way to teach him a lesson :)

Christine Siracusa said...

Heehee. That's awesome. You won that one.

When I was very pregnant I had a weeping fight with my husband that it was not "appropriate" for him to carpool to a reading with a female friend from his writer's group. I know her and her family and her husband. But none of that mattered. I was sure she was in love with him. I did NOT win that one.

Diane said...

I can relate. Everything set me off on a hormonal rage when I was pregnant with my first!

And you were cute pregnant. Me? I gained 50 pounds with my first! I was HUGE!

Heidi / I'm with Leia said...

That's a super picture, you look so lovely (lucky you that you avoided the morning sickness, I'm happy it's over for me at the moment)The story I can recognize (except that I haven't gone into labour) My husband also work late.

Melissa said...

Oh your so cute!

I also flipped on my husband when he wouldn't answer the phone(s) or leave it at home! Don't mess with the emotions of a pregnant lady!

Samantha said...

I still fight with the husband over his not answering the phone. I think I'm finally getting through to him!

Lady Jennie said...

Isn't that the worst? "But you weren't in labor!" HA. It feels so good to be right.

Well ... sorta.

You look super cute (and tiny)

Shell said...

Oh, those pregnancy hormones made me totally crazy. My excuse these days, I don't know. ;)

You had such a cute bump!

Ali - My Suitcase Full of Tricks said...

Pretty Pretty Lady!

Adrienne said...

Bonjour! Thanks for visiting my blog! I will take time to read more of yours, after I "follow" you of course...because... I lived in France for 12 years! We moved when my daughter was 9 months and my son was born there. We were in Paris. I can't wait to read more of your tales!!

R said...

you look fantastic!!

I had an awesome pregnancy too - and can't recall any instances where I went off on an irrational rant, but Hubs may remember differently ;)

also - my Hubs works nights (6pm-6am at the time) and he made it to the hospital with 30 minutes to spare when our daughter was born!! gotta love being a cop's wife! ;)

Anastasia said...

This made me laugh, and brought back memories of my own irrational pregnancy moments. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I still have these moments.

Michelle said...

LOL, isn't it the funniest how irrational we get when pregnant? I love that he took you to an amusement park...too funny!

Jen said...

Haha, that made me laugh! And you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Only 18 pounds?? Wow...amazing!
Found you through Bees With Honey! Nice to "meet" you!
New follower :)

Katharine said...

Hilarious! I can't wait to be pregnant!

Pearl said...

I can relate, although I was a weeper, particularly if the national anthem was played!


Liz said...

You carried like a mama pregnant with a boy. :) You were so cute!

Kristin @ What She Said said...

Why DID he want to go to an amusement park at 10pm?

And LOL at, "It's like you don't even love me at all!"

Bees With Honey said...

Only 18 lbs? OMG! I wish that were me. 75 lbs with my first, 40 lbs with my 2nd and 55 lbs with my last child.

You look friggin adorable!

Gabrielle said...

Haha! I was always so mad if I couldn't reach my husband when I was pregnant. I love that you ended up having your son shortly after that! Haha! Like just really drove your point home!

Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

I think I gained 18 lbs in the last couple were all baby too. Thanks for sharing that story

Bekah said...

Wow you look amazing for 36 weeks! I had a freak out VERY similar to that when I was towards the end of my first pg. I think it might be a pregnancy rite of passage.

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