Disney Recap

Since it has been well over a week since we've gotten back from our mini-vacation to Disney, I figured it was about time I wrote a post about it.

You see, last Friday, Cornel and I had an appointment in Paris and decided since we had to make the 3 hour trek up north that we would at least take advantage of the weekend {a holiday weekend at that!}.  We thought about all the things we could do: Versailles, Bourgogne, Chateau de la Loire and then Cornel suggested Disney.  Why, not?

We looked on the internet and were able to book a last minute deal at a Disney hotel with entrances to the park for 3 days!  Perfect.  We booked it!

We left Clermont on Thursday evening to be able to make it to our appointment on Friday morning {this appointment could mean BIG things for our household, but more on that later}.  We spent the night on the Champs-Elysees right next to my favorite store in the world {Lancel}!  But you see, a 3 star hotel in Paris is not what it is cracked up to be!

The room was actually pretty nice, but definitely just big enough for the 3 of us!  At least they had a nice baby bed for Nathan to spend the night!

We hopped in the car the next morning at around 10:30 and headed out towards Disney {about a 45 minute drive from Downtown Paris}.  It was cold and cloudy but the views of Paris are always so amazing!

We made it to Disney in time to see Mickey Mouse in the hotel lobby!  Nathan started pointing and screaming, so we decided to try and get a picture.  He was so overwhelmed to see "Ickey" in person!  His expression says it all!

We headed to the park for a 1/2 day of fun.  The weather was very cold and rainy but a great time was had by all and we couldn't leave without buying Nathan his first set of Mickey Ears!

We went back to the hotel to finish checking in and we couldn't believe the room {which is also 3 stars}!  It was huge, but I think I was jaded from the size of the first hotel room.  They also gave Nathan a beautiful crib for the night {which is much nicer than his real crib, I might add}.  In all of the excitement though, Nathan didn't get to bed until 11 that night!

We had reserved breakfast with the characters the next morning so we had to wake up early.  As soon as we took Nathan out of his crib he made it to the door (in full PJ's) and kept saying "au revoir".  He was ready to go and get the day started!  Apparently Disney made a great impression!

Breakfast with the characters was a great thing to do.  You get to eat a great meal all while seeing your favorite characters come by and greet you at your table.  We never had to wait in line to "see" or take pictures with any character like you would have to do at the park.  And even though Nathan was a little star struck, he had a great time!

We headed to the park before it was open and got to enjoy a couple hours of rides before the big crowds hit!  I was actually surprised to find out how many rides Nathan could go on!  I thought I would spend most of my time with Nathan and the stroller but happily that wasn't the case.  He even did great on the rides that I thought would be too scary, but he handled everything like a champ!  His favorite ride was Dumbo the Elephant and kept saying "umbo au revoir" each time he saw them taking off!

Later that evening we had booked tickets for "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show", which was a dinner show.  I was skeptical when Cornel booked the reservations because frankly I thought that it was way out of Nathan's age range.  I was proven wrong!  He LOVED it!  He loved the horses and the cows, he loved the show and clapping and banging on the tables!  It was the perfect activity for a toddler!  Even the sounds of the shooting was exciting for him.

I have to admit that after two full days I didn't know how much more Disney I could take.  But we woke up early the next morning and did it all over again.  It was clear that Nathan was also exhausted since he took his first nap of the day at 9:30 (he usually naps at noon).

This time instead of spending all day at Disneyland Park, we headed to Walt Disney Studios.  We decided to head to a show called "Playhouse Disney Live".  We didn't know what to expect, but Nathan loves Playhouse Disney so we figured we would give it a go.  Plus it was a show, which meant we could sit down, PARENT BONUS!

Little did we realize that Nathan was going to be in heaven at this show and have a tiny toddler heart attack.  He was screaming, he was clapping and at one point threw himself down on the floor and did summersaults.  There was a minute there when we thought he was going to bum-rush the stage and take down Mickey and Handy Manny!  Luckily he didn't, but we kicked ourselves for not having done it earlier in the trip.

As our last hoorah, we had decided to have lunch at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant {the one inside the Pirate's of the Caribbean attraction}.  We had made reservations  so we were able to head right into our table.  The setting was beautiful and the food was delicious.  Here is what made me love Disney all the more, all children under 3 years old eat free at any sit down restaurant!  FREE!  He got a tomato and mozzarella salad, steamed veggies, spinach tortellini and  fruit salad for FREE!  I heart your Disney!  It made us wish we had tried out more restaurants.

We had intended to stay the entire day at Disney before heading home, but after lunch we were all too exhausted to continue.  We piled into the car and headed straight home to Clermont-Ferrand.  It took us at least 3 days to recover from the vacation but we couldn't believe how wonderful the vacation was.  As a family it was definitely one of the best trips we've taken.  It made it even more special that it was something the 3 of us could share.  We already started talking about a return trip next year, but it's "just talk"!
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Sean said...

That looks like a wonderful vacation. My husband left for Toulouse for work this afternoon for two weeks. I was tempted to go and bring Ava along, but decided against it. Next time I will and we'll hit Disney!

Jill said...

I love that you had the all-American Disney experience in Paris! Hilarious. Sounds so fun for your little guy. We have yet to make it to Disney or Paris with ours but hopefully soon for both :)

tracy@sellabitmum said...

Oh that sounds incredible! I've never been to Disney.

Adrienne said...

Sooooo many memories came rushing back as I read this!! LOVE it all! will definately be pulling out my disney scrapbook tonight...maybe a retro-blogpost is in order!!! So glad you had such fun!

Misty said...

ok... HOW AWESOME! I love that you went to Disney and that it is so similar to the US parks... how fun! and what a happy little man!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful trip! The rooms looks really nice - thanks for posting so many pics, it looks like you had a great time!

Janie {Hoo} said...

What an awesome experience it must have been for Nathan! My tot had her Magic Kingdom experience when she was 10 months old. We are planning to bring her again when she's older so she can truly experience the magic of Disney :)

Shellsea said...

How fun to experience disney that way with a hotel and breakfast with the characters! It's cool to see DisneyFrance, I've only been to the one in CA.

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