Breakfast in Bed

The weekend is over and we are still recovering from an amazing Father's Day Weekend!

Last year, Nathan was only  7 month's old so needless to say that Father's Day was a little lackluster.  This year, however, he was a willing participant in all of the surprises we had in store for Cornel!

I heard Nathan woke up around 7:45 and I told Cornel to stay in bed that I would take care of the baby.  I had to of course, since I had been hiding his gift in Nathan's toy chest and needed to go in and recover it.  While I gave Nathan some juice, I prepared a tray to take into Cornel in bed.

Coffee, orange juice, fresh baguettes with butter and jam and of course pain au chocolate.  While I was getting all of this ready, Nathan kept pointing at our bedroom saying "dada est la-bas" (Daddy is over there).  I gave Nathan the gift and told him to go in and give it to "daddy".  He grabbed the bag and stormed into our bedroom while I walked in with the tray full of food!  Cornel was definitely surprised.

Nathan gave his Daddy a brand new watch so he will always be on time.  {I have been given explicit instructions to not post pictures of the hubs in the morning, so we only get this cropped shot of the watch.}

After our delicious breakfast we were able to spend time together as a family before I had to get started on preparing a delicious Father's Day lunch.  While lunch was nothing spectacular, the dessert was the "piece de resistance".  A raspberry tiramisu cake from Maison Vacher.  {I'm still looking for a way for the Vacher's to adopt Nathan!}

After Nathan's nap, the sun was shining {which it hasn't done in quite a while} so we decided to go on a little outing.  We had always talked about taking Nathan to the lake, but hadn't found the weekend with the right kind of weather.  We piled in the car and headed out to Lac d'Aydat.

Nathan was in heaven.  The sand, the water and spending time with his dad.

This was also the first time that Nathan got to see real ducks {he has a sheltered childhood I know}!  He was so excited to be near them and to be able to feed them!

It was such a great weekend!
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Jen said...

Great pictures!! Looks like it was a great day!

Adrienne said...

Sweet posts ~ great pics! And the mention of pain au chocolat, baguette with butter and jam...and raspberry tiramisu cake....mouth is WATERING now!!!

Shell said...

Looks like a fun Father's Day!

Liz said...

Nathan can go shopping for me ANY day!

Jill said...

Sweet gifts!

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