19 Months

I wanted to write about our very first trip to Disney, but firs I needed to stop being such a bad mother and get Nathan's 19 month update written!

It is insane the amount that one child can change in one month.  I think it is safe to say that Nathan is no longer a baby but a full-on little boy.

This month he started talking in sentences and can respond to us when we ask him things.  The good thing is that he understands everything we ask him in English, the bad news is that he responds in French.  I'll take what I can get I guess.  Hearing him speak French is adorable and I can hardly believe my ears when certain things come out of his mouth.  The doozie this month was "oh la la"!  I didn't know whether to be in shock or cry.  He did save the best for last, and just recently said "I love you" in English.  It truly does just melt your heart when you hear your child say it for the first time!

He is also turning into quite the little parrot and he repeats everything he hears.  On Sunday mornings we let him watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and out of nowhere I hear Nathan say "oh toodles" {If you are not a parent and have watched this show you have no clue what I'm talking about".  I nearly burnt the pancakes when I heard him shout it out.

This month he got 2 more teeth so the final count is up to 14!  We have been so blessed that Nathan is a great teether.  Other than the molars he has never really complained about the teeth coming in.  {I hope I haven't just jinxed myself}.

The mealtime battles are over and Nathan is back to eating like a champ.  We haven't had to have another "talk" at the daycare about his eating habits so this is a small victory.  He is now eating 100% of the food that we eat which makes meal time planning so much easier.  There are those lazy days when he gets pre-made baby food, but those days are very rare.  This has made traveling so much easier since we can now go to a restaurant and know that we can find something for him to eat!

He truly is such a joy to be around and I love watching him grow.  If you would have told me a 17 months ago that parenting would become enjoyable I might not have believed you.  Now I'm finding that we have more and more fun everyday.
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Stacey said...

I love reading about Nathan as it gives me laughs and good insight into what I have to look forward too:) Thanks for going first!!

Adrienne said...

kids and language aquisition is such an interesting thing. My daughter (oldest) loved being bi-lingual...she seemed to learn both languages with ease. Our home was all English, but school and church were 100% french. My son, while still a baby and toddler, spoke primarily english. When we would try and have him sing in French at church, he'd just look at us and say, "no, my mouth is english!" Then, once he was in school, his mouth turned French, and the battle to make him speak english at home began. Two kids, exact same environment...two very different responses to the languages. They spoke almost exclusively french to each other, until about two years after we were back in the states. Everything I ever heard about the bilingual thing indicated that children should learn from the native speaker...meaning a french parent should speak french and the english speaker only english. We very rarely spoke french to our kids...only in public or when it would be rude in front of french friends. It's a great gift for our kids to get this exposure!!

Anastasia said...

Cute! It's so great that he is starting out bilingual.

Katharine said...

Never met a kid who didn't immediately start saying "oh toodles" are watching that show!

Janie {Hoo} said...

Your Nathan and my toddler girl were born only days apart! Mine turned 19 months on the 11th.

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