Sandwiches in her purse

I remember waking up in the hotel the morning of my little sister’s college orientation. She had been brave enough to go to college 1800 miles away from home and my mom and I had flown to Philadelphia to help her get settled.

The official orientation didn’t begin until 11 and not wanting to let one minute go to waste my mom suggested we go sightseeing in the meantime.

We did it all: Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Rocky Stairs, Cheese steaks, the works.

Then my sister called. We had missed the morning orientation. We had missed the lunch. She wondered where we were.

A valid question since we had indeed flown there for her. She asked if we would be there to help her move in to her dorm.

“Of course”, my mom replied.

However, we kept sightseeing; arriving at Villanova only in time to help my sister decorate. Thanks to the kindness of strangers who felt bad for the family-less freshman, my sister had all of her boxes carried into her room.

Lucky for us the orientation wasn’t over and we still had the welcome dinner in the gym. The dinner was picnic style where you had your choice of sandwiches, chips and drinks. My mom promptly made her way through all of the sandwich lines picking up one of each; stuffing the hurriedly into her purse as if she was stockpiling for some sort of natural disaster. In went the tuna, the chicken, the ham, the cheese and the roast beef.

It wasn’t over, in went the bags of chips and sodas. Her purse reminded me of the endless bag in Mary Poppins; where on earth did she have the room?

Mortified, my sister and I refused to make eye contact with her. We pretended not to know the crazy lady with food in her purse.

As we walked my sister back to her dorm, I promptly told my mom how embarrassed I had been. I told her how it was in such bad taste to put free sandwiches in her purse.

After my rant, she turned to me and said.

“Don’t even think of asking me for a sandwich when you get hungry tonight”.

We all laughed.

She was right, not only was I hungry later, I knew better than to ask her for a sandwich.

Even know when I find myself putting random things into my purse I always think back to that day and the valuable lessons my mom taught me!

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Kim said...

This is pretty funny. I have a feeling I'm going to be a little like your mom. If we're at a buffet and I see those packs of crackers or breadsticks I automatically start thinking about a time in the future when I'll be stranded without food for one of the kids. My husband just rolls his eyes.I guess I better start thinking about how embarrassed my boys will be when they're old enough:)

Jessica said...

So funny and true, there are always those little things that my mom did that I thought were embarrassing at the time that I now completely understand.

Miss Marina Star said...

This is a great example of how, even when being mortifyingly embarrassing, mother's are always thinking ahead.

Very funny story.

Jessica said...

Your poor sister. You and your mom missed most of orientation and then when your mom did show up she started stealing food. But, your mom did have a good reason for taking the food.

April said...

You totally should've asked for the sandwich. Nothing moms love more than to say, "I told you so!" :)

Shell said...

That is so funny!

Mrs. Weber said...

Not gonna lie, I've done this a few times. The key is just being very discreet. Hey, it's free food for a reason!

beingmom2011 said...

LOL. We used to do that in college. We used to go to restaurants and put the free bread in our purses!

Bees With Honey said...

Oh my gosh! This story reminds me of something my parents would do and have done in the past. As embarrassing as it is, eventually you're glad they did take the free sandwiches because you're hungry! LOL

Sarah B. said...

Love this! I hate it when parents are so embarrassing (and RIGHT too!)

Paulette said...

Great story! (PS I put crackers and things in my purse/bag too, you just never know)

Visiting from Mama Kats =)

Stacey said...

i could not only imagine your mom doing this, I could literally HEAR her voice!!LOL My mom used to do something similar in that when we went to the movies, pops and already popped popcorn went in her purse;)

Hungrigyrl said...

Hilarious! Ok, I stash stuff in my purse...maybe I wouldn't have taken several sandwiches, but I bet she was being a mom and thinking of you! I'm new to your blog from Let's Bee Friends! Looking forward to more of your posts. Stop by when you have time, Have a great weekend!

Teresa said...

What a great story...thanks so much for sharing it!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

So funny! She must have had a really big handbag :) Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOL

Taylor Made said...

What a funny memory...what an assortment of snacks for later...if anyone was game!

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