Romania Recap

I have finally recovered to the point where I can write the re-cap of our vacation in Romania last week.

The trip over was great and Nathan was a trooper the entire way.  Considering how many frequent flyer miles this kid has racked up over the past 18 months this should have been no surprise. 

We had a very tight connection in Germany but Lufthansa came through.  We had a personal driver meet us at our plane to take us to our next plane.  Kudos, Lufthansa!  If only it hadn't been such a pain to go through customs. 

Having a 1/2 American and 1/2 European baby flying on an American passport in Europe is like trying to solve the theory of relativity.  The customs agents just don't get it, and at one point we were asked for his birth certificate.  Hmm, why do you need his birth certificate when you have his passport?  But we all survived our Customs experience in tact.

As soon as we arrived in Romania, Nathan was immediately showered with love, hugs, kisses and gifts.  This kid is truly spoiled.  And as if that wasn't enough, it was his Uncle Cristi's birthday and he also got a huge piece of cake.  He must have thought this place was the greatest, EVER!

The best part about visiting Romania, of course, is that Nathan gets to be surrounded by so much family including his great grandparents.  He spent an entire afternoon on his great-grandparent's farm chasing around all of the animals and eating their vegetables!  I wish I could have seen his reaction to this kind of nature, but I was too busy laying on the beach.  The pictures though, say it all!

Like most vacations, it was over way too quickly and before we knew it we were back at the airport.  This is where things started going awry. 

The first part of the trip was great.  Nathan had a delicious croissant au jambon at the airport that he devoured!  I have to admit that travelling with him is much easier now that he can eat "normal" food. 

It wasn't until we arrived in Frankfurt that things went downhill.  We had a short connection and spent most of it trying to walk from one end of the airport to the other to make sure we made our flight, all while having yet another fun interval at customs asking why the baby was travelling on an American passport if he was born in France.

Somewhere between flight A and flight B we lost a suitcase.  Of course it would be the suitcase that was filled with all of Nathan's things, and it is never to be found again.  The downfalls of travelling I suppose.  It hurt much more emotionally than physically, but luckily his teeny tiny suit was not in the lost baggage!

Now we have spent the time recovering physically and can't wait to plan our next vacation!

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Kim said...

Your son is beautiful!! I can only imagine the headache you had explaining this simple concept ot customs. And how exotic are these locations you go to. I have to keep remembering that you live in France!

Jessica said...

What a pain to have to deal with customs. At least you had a good time and I hope you get that suitcase back at some point. Very cute pics.

Elena said...

Ugh - I hate losing luggage! How cool though living in Europe - all the things you are close to in order to travel around. What a little globe trotter you are raising! ;)

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