Mother's Day Weekend

My second Mother's Day is coming to a close and just like last year this year was wonderful!

I was a little fearful for this Mother's Day since I knew Cornel had no time to go out and prepare anything. I wasn't hopeful for much, maybe a card from Nathan and some quality time.  I kept reminding Cornel that Mother's day was coming up, to which he responded with his standard answer:

"buy you aren't my mother."

Luckily {for him} that he was only joking.

We had spent all day Saturday in St. Etienne at Ikea.  I seriously cannot tell you how much I love Ikea.  It was an unplanned trip but completely necessary to pick up some last needed items to finish the bathroom renovation.  Yes, I said finish!

Exhausted from a long shopping trip, my boys let me sleep in today.  I was woken up by my giggling son and husband entering the room with a tray filled with orange juice and croissants for the three of us!  There was nothing better than breakfast in bed with my men, even if Nathan did lick my croissant before giving it to me.

Later in the afternoon, we had our friends over to celebrate Nathan's 1/2 birthday (yes, we celebrate half birthdays) and Mother's Day.  There was coffee, Spanish cider and freshly baked raspberry scones {recipe to come later}!

It was the perfect end to an absolutely perfect day.  I'm so grateful that I was able to spend my Mother's Day surrounded by love, friends and family.  I mean after all, isn't that the point of the holiday?

I hope all of the mothers out there had an amazing day!

Saturday:  Ikea shopping trip
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch
Top:  Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes {not pictured}: Puma flats

Sunday:  Mother's Day & 1/2 Birthday Party

Top:  Promod
Tanktop: Target
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

Top:  Obaibi
Jeans:  Baby Gap

Tuesday:  Work
Dress: Zara {probably the most comfortable dress I own}
I usually do wear shoes, but not in the house, so this pictur is sans shoes

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Jess Craig said...

mmmm croisants!

Crown'd Vic said...


Liz said...

Ikea is a world onto itself. It's like going to a whole new country to hang out for the day.

tracy@sellabitmum said...

Oh it sounds like a perfect day!

Jessica said...

sounds like the most amazing mothers day ever! and oh man do I love Ikea, I can only go there with a budget and whole day to waste :)

Jessica said...

I have never been to Ikea but I know one day I must venture there. Sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day.

Hungrigyrl said...

Ikea, you are so lucky. My hubby hates that place and I can get him to go maybe once a year if I am lucky. Sounds like you had a lovely mother's day and 1/2 birthday celebration!

Kim said...

I LOVE Ikea too. It's about an hour and a half to the closest one around here and I dream of one day leaving the husband and two boys at home and wandering store alone, with a fistful of cash. Ahhhh, one day.

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