18 Months

Here we are celebrating another half birthday; 18 months goes by so fast.  In just six short months we will be celebrating his second birthday, and that just seems insane to me!

Nathan is now impossible to keep track of and he is running everywhere!  Just trying to take his picture lately is a marathon!  He is so inquisitive and loves to be everywhere.  He recently learned how to "sneak up" on us to try and scare us.  He runs off to a corner and comes in with his hands in the claw position.  Where did he learn that from?

This month the daycare informed us that Nathan started throwing fits at lunch time and was refusing to be fed.  This is very unlike him since he LOVES to eat!  It turns out that he had just had enough of being fed and wanted to feed himself.  He is know 98% independent on eating by himself.  I had no idea how much of our mealtime was spent feeding Nathan.  I finally feel like we can enjoy meal time as a family.  Except now there is a lot more clean-up involved.

He is now speaking more and more French.  He can tell you that his "doudou" {lovie} is la or la-bas {there or over there} and he loves to say Encore {again}.  He still says a lot of words in English and Spanish and I think the poor kid is very turned around when it comes to languages.  I'm hoping that someday soon he'll get it all straightened out.

We didn't have any teething this month and the count is still up to 12.  He has his hands in his mouth constantly so I'm wondering if more are coming out soon.

He loves to socialize and is blossoming at daycare.  It is so adorable to see him "play" with his friends when we drop him off/pick him up.

He is turning into such a little man and doesn't resemble his old "baby-self".  I love watching him learn and grow everyday!

Here is a small clip of Nathan "eating" on his own.  While I'll admit that this might only be interesting to the aunts and grandmothers!

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Kim said...

Oh my goodness, I could just eat him up. I loved this age! Get ready mama, the tantrums will come more regularly. Deaglan is 3.5 and there seems to be no end in sight. He's still fun though. What a cute little guy your Nathan is!!

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