Warming Up

I don't know what is going on with the Clermont-Ferrand weather lately.  It has been warm and sunny; very unusual here!  This has forced us to take out the Spring clothes and spend as {MUCH} time outdoors as we possibly can.  We've lived here long enough to know that this weather can disappear any day now, so we have to take advantage while we can!

One of the things I {LOVE} about living in France are all of the terraces and love for being outdoors.  And so, when given the choice we always choose to sit outside in nice weather.  I'm so thankful that Nathan finally gets to wear those super cute baby sunglasses. {He's only worn them twice before}!

It was also very convenient that the weather warmed up so that Nathan and I could go out to the park while Cornel worked on the bathroom renovation (post coming soon)!

Nathan loves the park.  He loves to smell the flowers...

He also loves to pick the flowers....

After we made our way to the playground, I witnessed the most amazing thing {well, amazing to me}!  Nathan walked right over to the jungle gym climbed up the stairs all by himself!

While my son climbing stairs is not amazing {even my mom goggles aren't that foggy}, he then went over to the slide and slid down by himself!  What?!

When and where did my son learn to do that?  The problem was that I was very unprepared for this event, and so not only did I not take a picture but I was also not there to catch him as he tumbled on the ground.  Luckily the ground on the playground is padded so he didn't hurt himself; he laughed and went for another round!

Hopefully this weather sticks around for a couple more days because this house turns to chaos when we are all locked in-doors for too long and we can only read the same book so many times!

Also, please ignore my son's dirty socks.  He had escaped on the terrace with no shoes.  My floors are not *that* dirty!

What kind of spring-time activities are you looking forward to? 
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Shell said...

Just getting to be outside makes me happy!

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Those tulips are GORGEOUS! And your little guy, so adventurous. Amazing how different boys are from girls. (My daughter, almost 3, ONLY climbs the stairs and won't go past the second rung of a ladder.)

Aw spring. Just seeing everything in bloom, not having to wear boots everyday, that is what I'M enjoying about spring!

Stacey said...

How cute is he going to get-I don't think I can stand it if he becomes even more adorable;) You HAVE HAVE HAVE to email that tulip pic so I can print it off-it is priceless!!

kristance ann said...

so glad you're having lovely weather! those pictures at the park are adorable! (we just got 4 inches of snow!) i'm looking forward to flying kites with the kids and having picnics!

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