Whenever I heard the world Stromboli I immediately pictured the puppet master in Pinocchio.  I had no idea that this also referred to food!

I came across a recipe for Salami Stromboli and thought it would be fairly easy to make.

 I mean it kind of looked like a Calzone and I already had the pizza dough in the fridge so all I needed was the stuffing.

The original recipe called for stuffing the dough with salami, mozzarella and tons of basil.  While I wasn't at a loss for the sausage and cheese, I didn't have any fresh basil.  My wonderful husband came to the rescue however with a jar of pesto sauce!

I layered the pesto sauce with sausage, mushrooms and tons of fresh mozzarella cheese and then rolled it into a cute little log.   After a quick egg wash and 15 minutes in the over lunch was ready and it was delicious!

It was such a nice twist to our "traditional pizza" Saturdays.  What I loved the most was how quick and easy it was.  I hope to be making this again soon.
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Kimberly said...

That looks amazing! I will have to try that!

Shell said...

That looks so good!

Michelle said...

Yum! I'm planning on making pizza tonight for might make me change my mind, though!

Moomser said...

That looks really good, and I bet you can make a whole bunch of different fillings, right? Must try!! Thanks

blueviolet said...

That does indeed look delicious!

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