Steppin Out - Easter Style

I love holidays that revolve solely around dressing up.  Especially since we rarely get a chance to dress up around here.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to get ourselves ready for the morning festivities.  I was super excited because Nathan was going to wear a tie for the first time EVER!  There is something about itty bitty ties that I swoon over!  And of course it's not Easter without a ruffled dress!

Dress:  Mango

Tie:  Baby Kenneth Cole
Shirt, Pants & Shoes:  Present from Grandma
Socks:  C&A

After church we did a quick change to enjoy the afternoon festivities:

Shorts:  Zara
Shirt:  Gift

Dress: Zara
Sunglasses:  Fendi
Necklace:  Tiffany's

The mornings around here are still cool and it gets warmer as the day progresses.  This makes getting ready in the mornings a challenge because I put away all of my coats!  I've had to get creative with my wardrobe.  I love to wrap my pashmina around my sweater for a little extra warmth and then take off the layers during the day.

Pashmina:  Florence Street Vendor
Pants:  Ann Taylor
Sweater:  Old Navy
Shirt:  Promod

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Sara said...

Nathan looks adorable in his tie!!

Kristi said...

Love the fashion show! :) The tie is adorable.

Liz said...

Oh, a little boy in a tie = heart melt!!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Love your dress and what a handsome little man with his tie!

tracy said...

Oh I love him. LOVE your Mango dress. It was a favorite store of mine when I lived in Europe. Gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

love your photos! :)

Adriana said...

babies in little ties KILL me so cute!

Jodi said...

You both look darling for Easter, and how gorgeous is that church?! said...

Love the little guy's tie!

Jill said...

Gorgeous! Looks like a fabulous Easter!

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