Friday Funny: La Pharmacie

One of the things that I always took for granted when I was in the US was the easy access to drugs.  Over the counter drugs that is.  In just one trip to Walgreens or CVS you could come home with things to cure a cold, allergies, migraines and the like.  Sometimes you could just add these things to your weekly shopping list and pick them up at Publix.

I had brought some basics with me when I first moved, but it didn't take long before I had to make my first trip to "la pharmacie".

I went in with Cornel and I could see the all the colorful boxes that lined the shelves.  Above the boxes there were signs to help point me in the right direction.

I quickly scanned them all:


Where could it be?  I turned and faced the other wall and tried to quickly scan the signs.

Before I could finish reading, I was approached by the pharmacist.

She mumbled something in French and I knew she was asking me what I was looking for.

I mumbled back in one of the few phrases I knew to let her know I was just looking.

"Just ask her..." Cornel grunted.

"I don't know what's it called in French.  It's fine, I'll just look for it"

"Let me just ask."  He was obviously annoyed to be running such an errand with me.

My face turned bright red as he approached the pharmacist.

"Excusez-moi madame nous cherchons Midol" (Excuse me we're looking for Midol)

It was official, I was going to die of embarrassment.  Did I mention that the pharmacy was small and filled with people?

The pharmacist looked bewildered, obviously she had no clue what we were looking for.  I wanted to just walk out - abort the mission.

It only got worse.

When the pharmacist asked exactly what we were looking for, Cornel blurted out in his perfect French:

"She has pains from her period and needs something" as he pointed in my direction.

I gave her a quick smile hoping she'd find us a box and it would all end there.

She let out a big "Ahhh" and walked us over to the pain medication area.

She then rambled on in French as she picked up boxes and put them back.

Cornel quickly translated.  "You have to be careful what you take because some of these might make you bleed to death".  Lovely.

She found us some pain medication which wouldn't kill me.  We paid for the box and left as quickly as we could.

After I finished that tiny box of hyped up Tylenol, I never went back to that pharmacy.  Instead I suffered month after month until my next trip to the States.  I made sure to stock up on as many pink boxes of Midol I could fit in my suitcase while still keeping it legal.

I also think twice before I make a trip to the Pharmacy.

What over the counter medicine could you not live without?
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MamaRobinJ said...

Oh, I can just imagine. I'm totally laughing at the "bleed to death" part (but only because I have faith you wouldn't).

One of the things I love about travelling is finding different types of things in drug stores. I know, I'm weird like that.

Shell said...

Oh, no! That would be awful- though I swear by Pamprin instead of Midol. Can't get through the month without it!

Patrice said...

Right now, I couldn't live without Aleve...cute story!

Kristi said...

Ahhhhhh...the memories! You made me laugh! To me, the scariest thing to deal with (and at times the funniest) was the medical issues. Of course, I wouldn't have wanted to deal with the Swiss police either! :)
I can remember many times scanning the shelves, looking for relief, but not finding what I needed.
Funniest was when I had to go to hospital with serious UTI and my translator(husband!) wasnt there. Such confusion...but didn't get really nervous till the doctor put on plastic gloves for a "personal" exam at the same time he was looking up things in his German-English translationn book! lol
Sorry for your embarrassment but glad you learned what I learned when I was overseas....stock up when you're in the US if there is something personal you want!!!
Be blessed!

Liz said...

You *might* bleed to death?!?! Holy crap! How can that be on the shelves?

Michelle said...

Gotta love men, huh? Their pleasure, our pain.

I bought some prenatal vitamins here back when we arrived...they were about $10 for 30 of them. Eeek! Needless to say, I got some good ole' Walmart brand (240 for about $12)brought to me after that!

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