Friday Funny: Chicken Dinner

Today I thought I would spare everyone yet another doctor or medical story. Instead I’m going to talk about another one of my favorite past times – food.

One of my very first trips to France was on business, imagine that. I got to stay in a swanky boutique hotel with an amazing star rated restaurant.

Part of the appeal of the hotel was that you got to enjoy a nice “soiree etap” during your stay. This is when you get to enjoy a delicious 5 course meal prepared by the chef for free. The only downside being that you have to eat whatever the chef prepared that evening.

Since I’m always willing to try anything at least once, I wasn’t too concerned. I mean this is a star rated restaurant, what random thing could they possible serve me?

After an hour, when we had finished the dozen or so tiny little appetizers it was finally time for the main course. The waiter came over and explained to us what we would be having for dinner – in French of course. Since all I knew at that time was “bonjour” I had no idea what was going on. When I asked my colleague what we were going to eat, he kindly responded “some sort of chicken”.

When my plate arrived I looked at what I thought was the tiniest whole chicken known to man; tiny little wings on these tiny little bones.

I made a comment about the size our tiny birds and heard my colleague giggle. I should have known something was wrong.

I started eating my tiny “chicken” and noticed the meat was a little tougher than chicken, but all in all delicious. In fact, it was one of the best tasting “chickens” I had ever eaten in my life. All that was left was a tiny little carcass of bones.

During the cheese course, one of my colleagues turned and asked if I had enjoyed the dinner. I was quickly becoming suspicious, but told them the truth.

That’s when they told me. It wasn’t chicken. It was pigeon. I had just eaten a pigeon.

And you see, I’m deathly afraid of pigeons. I have this fear that they are going to stab me to death with their beaks. You know, like the movie “The Birds”. Not to mention they are dirty and carry diseases and they poop everywhere! All I could imagine was the poop!

I then took a big sip of wine and thought back to how delicious the pigeon had actually been. And now, every time I stare out my window and see those pigeons on the other side staring at me, I keep thinking how much I would like to take him home for dinner.

I’ve also learned to always be suspicious when people tell me I’m eating chicken!
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Michelle said...

LOL. At least it tasted good!

I have a friend from when I lived in Poland who is also deathly afraid of pigeons. She called me one time because one was in her stairwell "guarding" her door. And of course some decided to nest and have baby pigeons on her balcony! They can sense the fear, I tell you! =)

Liz said...

Oh my! People actually eat pigeon?!?! You poor thing!

Katharine said...

I have heard they are good too! When I was about 14 or so in Indonesia with my family, we ate something that "looked like" pork. My sister and I went to go investigate/ play after lunch and saw a cage full of squirrels in the back near the yeah

Lady Jennie said...

I've eaten pigeon in Deauville and it was delish. I assume they get them from some free-range park, and not from the dirty city streets!

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