Entry Way Makeover

Every since Nathan started crawling, we turned our house into a "shoe-less" environment.  We take off our shoes at the door before entering the house to avoid dragging in crap from the street (if you ever been to France you know that this sentence can be taken literally).

While this is great for our floors it created chaos in our entry way.  Looking at all the shoes haphazardly thrown on the floor would drive me crazy; even if we put them away at the end of the day. 

Then Nathan started picking up the shoes and dragging them all over the house, which was completely counterproductive to the "no shoe" policy.  A solution had to be found, because when I wasn't picking up shoes, I was busy costantly mopping and sweeping!

We discussed many options to solve our "shoe problem", but I didn't just want a shoe rack in our entry way.  While practical that wouldn't be at all attractive.

We searched high and low for a way to attractively disguise our shoes, while still making it pratical to put them on/ take them off while at the front door.

Enter my best friend - Ikea!  I love Ikea!  I think in a previous life I might have been 1/2 Swedish.  Ok, maybe not but I seriously love the store.

They have a super cute/ super affordable cabinet for shoes!  My dream come true.  We piled in the car on Saturday and headed towards my mecca!

Nathan, too loves Ikea.  We made our way to the little kid section, he found a book (in Swedish no less) a tiny chair and a TV.  What else could a kid want?  (We ended up buying that little chair because he was just too cute in it)!

After a nutritious lunch of meatballs (what else) we finally made our way to what we needed.

We found my cabinet for the shoes and some other extras to transform our boring/non-functional entry way into a pretty little corner. 

Not only is it great for hiding shoes, but it also makes it a little cozier than just the plain beige wall that was there.  We even added a nice shelf above the mirror for some additional storage! 

The entire cost of this transformation:  Under 150 euros, all that is needed now is a little bit more decorating: pulling some items from around the house to dress up the shelf.  We'll save that for another week-end!
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Liz said...

I don't think I've ever seen such a narrow bookcase! YAY for finding a solution for your shoe needs!

Helene said...

We totally need something like that!!! If I took a pic right now of what our entryway looks like with the gazillions of shoes thrown all over the place at random, it would make your hair curl.

tracy said...

Yay - how wonderful to find that. Love it! LOVE going to Ikea with the kids!

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