Embarrassing Moments

When I think back to all of my years in school, lots {and I do mean} lots of embarrassing moments come to mind.

Some of them are not worth mentioning as they are things, as I imagine, happen to all kids.  I mean how could anyone survive junior high or high school without at least some battle scars of embarrassing moments?

One of the most memorable, however, was when I was in college.

On this faithful day:

You see, back in college I was what you would call...what's the word?  Heavy-set.  At only 5'0 and 145 pounds I was definitely a rolly polly, at least at my school.  This never prevented me, however, from putting on my super cute, too high for me wedges and flaunting what I didn't have. 

As you can see I was all dolled up to go and cheer on our football team.  I have no idea why, since they always lost, but I was ready to brave the 110 degree heat for the sake of school pride!

We went, we cheered, we were losing; so much so that staying through the entire game was pointless.  We were obviously not the only ones who wanted to leave mid game.  At half time the ramps that wound through the back of the stadium were filled with deserting fans.

Then, while making my way down the ramps that lead all the way down to the street level, it happened.  I lost my footing in my shoes and fell!

My knee was stinging from where it hit the concrete and before I knew it I was gaining speed.  I wasn't just falling, I was tumbling down the ramp!

It seemed to happen in slow motion, the people were parting to get out of the way from the round girl rolling down.  It was almost biblical.

Then the ramp started to flatten out, and I lost the momentum.  I had finally stopped rolling.

A few people came by to ask if I was, OK, but I couldn't look them in the eye.  I mumbled a yes, as they helped me up.  My knees were bleeding and my elbows scraped.  My pretty yellow tank top was covered in dirt and asphalt stains.

I was thankful that no one recognized me, at least I hoped not.

I still remember that day and blush, even though my friends and I can laugh about it now.

I still have the scars on my knees to remind me of that faithful trip.

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Heidi Smith Luedtke -- LeadingMama said...

Oh, my. That sounds awful! I can feel the hurt (both physically and emotionally) from this post. Embarrassment really stings, doesn't it?

Stoppin by from Mama Kat's. :-)

Kim said...

I can relate! I once walked to the university library in a snowstorm. I went about my business but had an awful feeling like everyone was giving me strange looks. When I finally got home and went in the bathroom I was horrified to see that my mascara was all over (I mean all over) my face making me look like Alice Cooper. I

Elle The Heiress said...

Awww, poor girl! I have a ton of embarrassing stories like when I slipped on ice in my high school's courtyard and then slipped again as I tried to stand up. Good times, good times.

Jessica said...

Ouch. I don't think I would go to another football game after this happened.

Karen said...

I had a similarly spectacular fall when I was in university too. Luckily, I was perpetually ambitious and took the much-avoided 8:00am classes. Since it was before class, there was only one other soul around. But that was enough! It was ridiculously embarrassing.

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