Easter Weekend

The long weekend is over and we are all recovering from our chocolate induced comas.

Easter went much better than I had anticipated considering that every outing with a toddler is either a hit or miss.

Last Easter we didn't really have a plan, so this year I really wanted to make it special.

As I found out this week, Easter in France is not much like the American holiday at all.  In fact, there is no bunny at all! GASP!  Actually, all of the eggs and candies are dropped off from the church bells that are returning from Rome.  They are spreading the good news of the resurrection.

Since this family is 3/4 American, however we decided to keep the bunny tradition going and he brought Nathan lots of goodies. Lucky for me he ignored the chocolate from Maison Vacher completely!

We got Nathan ready in his cute little Easter outfit and we were off to enjoy the Easter service in English! Nathan thought it was social hour and he was laughing, "talking", singing and dancing.

The Church is a very old stone, very French building with a beautiful garden all around.  This is where they were hosting an egg hunt for the children after the service.

We were told to bring our baskets, but since we couldn't find an "Easter" basket, Nathan had to take a regular basket.  Poor thing, the basket was bigger than he was!

He didn't really understand the concept of the "hunting" part but he did find two chocolate eggs.

It was a beautiful afternoon with the sun shining!  We couldn't have asked for a better Easter.  Even though all of our family was celebrating miles away, at least our little family of three was together and enjoying the holiday!

After the fun we were invited to our friend Sophie's house for a delicious lunch of Saffron Risotto!  Nathan didn't have a nap and he didn't even care.  He was in the greatest mood, and that in itself made for a great Sunday!  I hope everyone else had a great Easter!
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Andrea said...

No bunny? I had no idea!

Katy @ Wiggle Wagon Blog said...

I love the big tie. Such a handsome little man.

Casey said...

Omigosh how adorable is his outfit with that little tie!! Love it!

Thank you for coming by my blog, and for your sweet compliment!

Heidi / I'm with Leia said...

Your Easter looks so lovely, love the little guy in his skirt and tie - so cute :)

Jessica said...

I always love hearing about how holidays are celebrating in different countries. Glad you still hung onto the Easter bunny tradition and that little guy is SO adorable!

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