Bathroom Renovation

You saw me write about how we desperately needed to get our bathroom remodeled. Besides it being ugly, it wasn't at all functional as a space.

We have been talking about remodeling the bathroom from the day we moved into this house 18 months ago.  Well, after watching me pathetically attack the tile trim with a hammer and screwdriver, Cornel took action.  He took off the last Friday and went to work!

This is what our sad little bathroom looked like last week.

In just one afternoon Cornel was able to knock down all of the tile to leave us with pretty sad looking walls.  I admit that when I came home on Friday evening I got a little nervous.

Cornel on the other hand was very optimistic; so much so that I thought I would be showering in a newly tiled tub by Sunday.  Maybe we were both too over confident.

Saturday we (and by we I mean Cornel) began plastering up all of the holes left by the tile.  It was back breaking work and then we had to wait 24 hours for it all to dry before we could put the finishing plaster on the walls.

All day Sunday was spent putting up finishing plaster on the walls to try and make the walls look pretty and even.  This is the problem with living in such an old building that is made up of almost all bricks.  Sadly, this too had to dry before we could sand it down.

With the weekend over, and the bathroom walls not finished I was starting to get a little discouraged by the bathroom renovation.

Cornel on the other hand was fueled by the project and would come home after a long day at work and start sanding down the walls and refilling with plaster when needed to make sure the walls are even.  And just one week later this is what we have so far...

The gray area around the tub will be replaced by pretty new tile that we just picked out yesterday, in addition to our new shower head!

This weekend is the long Easter weekend, and while we should be heading down to Nice to enjoy the beach, sand and sun, we will be instead heading to pick out a new sink.  Fun and exciting, right?

We're also very lucky that we have found a great artisan plumber that will help transform our vision of this bathroom.

Here is the rundown of the numbers:

Total budget: 2000 euros

Costs so far:

Plaster & tools:  100 euros

Bathroom tiles (8 square meters): 180 euros ( we found beautiful tile for only 21 euros sq. meter!)

Things Left to do:

Prime and paint the walls
Tile tub and put up shower rod
Buy and install sink
Install 1/2 wall to cover up ugly water heater
Change pipes for water heater
Move washing machine connection to underneath water heater

I can only hope we make as much progress after this weekend!
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Shell said...

Good luck with the remodel! My husband and I are not good at this sort of thing.

Michelle said...

Looking good! It's a lot of work, but it'll be worth it in the end!

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