17 Months

Well here we are - one month shy of a year and a half.  In my heart 17 months still feels like a baby, but in reality he is so much more grown up than I could have ever imagined at this age.

His vocabulary is expanding exponentially every day.  He is repeating almost everything he hears so now we really have to watch what we say around him.  His newest (and cutest) expression is by far "ay ay ay" which he says with his hands on his cheeks.  He is quite the ham.

He now knows his name and loves to say it over and over again.  He points to himself and constantly says "Tatan".  Sadly though, he only recognizes his name in French (or Spanish) but not in English.  This is forcing us to speak more French around the house which is not what we were expecting.

He is impossible to keep track of lately and loves to run all over the house.  He now grabs his shoes when he wants to go outside.  He can spend hours outside and thankfully he gets to do just that at daycare.  By the time he comes home he immediately walks into the kitchen demanding dinner.  Which is much cuter than it sounds.

He loves to eat and has an amazing appetite (and a belly to prove it)!  I haven't been as good at making his own meals like I used to be, but I'm hoping to start giving him small pieces of what I make for dinner.  We have officially kicked all bottles and all liquids are now being drunk out of a cup!  When did that happen?

He has two new molars and the teething process was somewhat painless for all involved.  He hardly complained and before we knew it two more little white teeth came in.  His grand total is now up to 12 and he has the cutest smile.

He has also become quite the little bookworm and adores all of his books.  He now "reads" out loud to us before bedtime and gets so wrapped up in all of his stories.

And so now I leave you with Nathan reading you all a bedtime story.  His selection for this evening was "Pocoyo" a Spanish book brought back from his daddy.  And as they say here:

"Dit bonne nuit et fermer les yeux" (Say goodnight and close your eyes)

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tracy said...

Oh this is such my favorite age. He is beautiful. Truly. Lovely post. xo

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What an adorable child! I know he brings you much happiness!

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