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You might remember when I wrote that one of the things we wanted to get done this year was our bathroom renovation.

We moved into our house a month before Nathan was born and we have yet to do much with it.  In fact, the only room that is "done" is the nursery.

We still have piles of boxes and other items that we have yet to put away in 18 months.  So this year is the year.  The year we start attacking these little home improvement projects; hopefully tackling our bathroom situation.

The bathroom was the only room in our house that wasn't "finished" when we moved in.  We had big hopes for this bathroom, but sadly after all this time we have become complacent.  It isn't at all practical, and it sure isn't pretty!

The white tile is original to the house and it is in bad shape.  There are holes that have been covered up by previous owners and cracks due from aging.  I don't even want to talk about that crazy diamond border.  It was added later and it isn't even with the walls.  What's worse is that it is randomly placed and glued so there are chunks missing and in certain cases you can see the glue someone tried to stick them to the wall.  These will be the first to go!

Also, like in most French homes, showers are not standard.  So we have this gorgeous tub but no shower head.  This is a small problem for me because I hate baths.  Hopefully we will be installing a shower fixture to the original tub to finally give me a shower!

Here is another view of the crazy diamond tiles.

And the "piece de resistance" is the visible water heater.  It just hangs out in the bathroom for the world to see.

We also don't have a vanity or functional storage space.  In fact we just have a sink.  So there is nothing but room for improvement here!

Another small "challenge" is that this room also must serve as the laundry room since it is the only room with the water connection for the machine.  Somehow we must find a way to make the washing machine fit into the design and function of the room.

Hopefully we will be able to do most of the work ourselves aside from updating the pipes which will be done by a professional.

Hopefully by putting pictures on the blog we will be able to hold ourselves accountable for the changes in house!

Have you ever tackled any home improvements in your house?  Any advice you can give us on tackling this on our own?
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Kimberly said...

Good luck with the reno! I would go crazy without a shower too! We are currently remodeling our laundry room, Eric finished the plumbing and hopefully we will be dry-walling this weekend :)

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