Walk in the Park

Now that Nathan is mobile it is so amazing to let him run around and use up his energy.

I only wish that it was warmer so that we could all enjoy the great parks that we have literally across the street!

Lucky for Nathan, his Daddy takes him any chance he can even when it's cold outside.  Not only does this help me study, but I love the bond that my boys have.  I can't wait for summer when we can do this more often.  Although, he sure does look cute in his little bear hoodie!

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Kristi said...

What a cutie!! The hat just completes the look. My husband was great about taking our kids outside also...in all kinds of weather. He used to mow the lawn with one of the kids in a the backpack...until he didn't duck low enough one day while going under a tree branch. Our 18 month old ended up with a goose egg! :( Anyway, didn't mean to turn this to me....just wanted to say what an adorable little guy you have...enjoy!!

Liz said...

It makes such a different when they are steady on their feet and can somewhat follow along and be trusted to walk in public places!

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