Pizza Pizza

We have been on a pizza kick lately.  Every Saturday now for the past few weeks we have been having pizza for lunch.  We have a very good pizza place literally around the corner from us, so it was always more convenient than having to cook for ourselves.  We became complacent and it sort of became a tradition.

Let me tell you that this tradition does not come cheap.  There is no such thing as the $5 pizza deal, oh no!  Here the pizzas are tiny (medium being an American XS) and very expensive (15 euros for one tiny medium pizza).  So needless to say this was definitely breaking the bank.

Then I got the {BRILLIANT} idea to make my own pizza dough and continue the tradition at a fraction of the price.  I found an "easy" recipe on my little packet of yeast and decided to give it a go.  Once I deciphered the french terms I didn't understand I started making dough.  Easy enough is right.  The dough sat in the refrigerator overnight until Saturday where all I would need to do was add my toppings, bake  & voila, PIZZA.  All for the very affordable price tag of around 4 euros.

While I was chopping mushrooms I asked Cornel to make the pizza sauce.  I had, what I believed to be a very easy recipe and so I let him loose in my kitchen.  I should have known we were in trouble when he asked what "tbs" meant.  I told him "tablespoon" and went about my business.  A few minutes later I heard him say.

"1 tablespoon of pepper..."

Me:  "What?  Are you sure?  Let me see the recipe?  1/4 teaspoon!!"

Him:  "I thought tbs and tsp were the same thing."

Me:  "So you put in one tablespoon of salt?" (as opposed to the 1 teaspoon in the recipe)

Him:  "Don't worry I can fish it out.  It's a good thing I didn't put in the pepper yet"

My husband the optimist.

We proceeded with the sauce, fishing experiment and all, and made our pizza.  It wasn't pretty by any means.  The sauce was, well, salty but not too bad.  It was definitely more prep work than I anticipated (chopping veggies and all), but it was worth it.  The crust was good and I'm sure with more practice it can only get better.  I hope to give it another try on Saturday and hopefully improve on our mistakes.  Maybe I can make this into another tradition.
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Michelle said...

I make pizza almost every week! It's great and fairly easy. I have a good crust and sauce recipe up if you decide you want to try another one! Pizza is one of those things that you just get better at making it the more you do it. Keep at it!

Moomser said...

Sounds fun! And now I want to start making pizza again.... To cut down on prep time you could make a whole bunch of sauce every once in a while and freeze it in portions. You can even use it for pasta! I have friends who freeze the dough too, but have never tried that.

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