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This weekend was absolutely gorgeous!  The sun was shining and life was in full effect.  We took full advantage and spent almost 100% of our Saturday outside!

The best thing about Spring weather is that Nathan can wear all of his cute clothes.  It is so hard to try and make him look cute while he has layers upon layers and is then topped off with a down coat and hat.  

I think he was also loving being able to finally move around without toppling over from the weight of his clothes.  He was having a great time running around the plaza!  The camera loves this kid, or better yet this kid loves the camera.

Little girls get to dress up in skirts, dresses wearing hair bows and headbands.  It's a struggle trying to find cute and fashionable clothes for boys but I'm loving the challenge.  My favorite being his "summer scarf" {a gift from his Aunt Alina}!  I'm so glad I get to find more variety than just overalls and sneakers!

Now if only I could look this cute chasing pigeons!

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Elle The Heiress said...

He looks adorable! It is really hard finding accessories (and even cute clothes) for boys. I often find myself just settling for the least horrible option. =/

Kristi said...

What a cutie pie! LOVE the scarf! :) I had two boys first and I was on a mission to find cute clothes for them. I feel your pain, although there are more choices now than when mine were little.
When our little girl arrived...I was ready for pink! ;)
Still have snow here so your pics were lovely to look at.

Liz said...

He is a dapper, dapper boy!

Michelle said...

Well he's definitely a cutie, and I love the scarf! I wish Lane had as much hair as Nathan does!

va_grown said...

Oh my, he looks like a little man already! Blue is his color!

And I hear you on being able to move. I feel like we spent months bundled up to our eyebrows and now I leave my coat even when it's chilly--just to prove a point to myself that Spring IS here.

Kimberly said...

Could he be any cuter?!

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