Here Piggy Piggy

If I haven't said it already one of my favorite things about living here are the bakeries.  I'm such a sucker for fresh baked bread and pastries.  I can't get enough!  In fact I've become quite spoiled in terms of my baked goods.

In any case, every time I stand in line to buy bread I browse all of the delicious desserts that they have on display.  My favorite has always been a pink pig that appears to be made out of fondant.  It is seriously adorable and I always make a comment about the pig.

Well, this past Friday when Cornel went to buy bread he came back with a little treat for Nathan.  The pig!

I mean seriously, how cute is he?

I was so excited!  I mean check out his curly tail!  We decided that it was only fitting that Nathan have the first bite! But not before the proper introductions were made.

So what was this famous pig made out of?  It is actually a vanilla cream filled cupcake covered in marzipan.  In other words, heaven in your mouth.  We had to take the pig away from Nathan before he ate the entire thing!

The final verdict, my little piggy loved his little piggy!  

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Kimberly said...

How cute is that!

Quiana said...

what a cute little piggy! he looks so cute eating it =) i bet it tasted delish!

Michelle said...


Katy said...

I want one! I love pigs!!! How cute.

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