Grandma's care package

So last week I dedicated an entire post to the wonderful care package we received and this sparked a long series of messages with my mom as to why her packages never get a post.

The reason is very simple, grandma always sends practical items and my friends always send goodies (mostly goodies for me).  With that said, we just got a lovely care package from my mom filled with cough drops and cheerios (ok partly for me) and a couple of outfits for Nathan.

But the doozies of all doozies was this outfit!  There really are now words, pictures say it all.

Maybe the striped socks and winter boots were a little over the top.  Sadly, this outfit will never see the real world as it is the shirt is too small.  Darn.  I am very grateful for all the wonderful things that my mom takes the time to send to us all the way across the ocean.  And who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?
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Shell said...

Are those pajamas?

My mom picks out outfits like that all the time!

Liz said...

Too bad the shirt is too small!

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