The Witch Doctor

Following the diagnosis of Nathan's 1000000th ear infection yesterday, the pediatrician again gave us the contact for an Ear Nose & Throat (or ORL as they like to call them here).  This isn't the first time he has suggested it but I'm in complete and utter denial about it.

It just seems so extreme to put a baby of 15 months through surgery.  There had to be another way.

Every time this happens my poor coworkers always get an earful (no pun intended) about how I just don't know what to do anymore.

On more than one occasion several people have suggested that we take Nathan to an "homeopath" which is a holistic doctor.  If you are anything like me, you just rolled your eyes as you read that sentence.

I thought they were insane.  They all swore that this miraculous process has not only healed but CURED their children of the chronic ear infections.

I'm sure you can imagine my skepticism.  I mean, these people have managed to find a CURE and yet the only thing modern medicine can offer me is Tylenol and Advil.  Surely if there was a magical cure the pediatricians would have been pushing this from the start, if only to avoid our weekly appointments.

But yesterday, faced with the real possibility of surgery, I caved.  We will be taking Nathan to see an homeopath.  I have to admit that I am still not 100% convinced that these people can do anything better but it doesn't hurt to try.

I am not really sure what to expect.  I imagine something of a witch doctor.  An office filled with lotions and potions.  Maybe she/he will smack Nathan in the face with sage, I don't know.

At this poing I'm ready to try anything.  If it works, well honestly I have no idea what I will do if it works, but if it doesn't then there are always the tubes.  At least I can send my baby into surgery knowing that I ABSOLUTELY tried everything in my power before taking that decision.

I will be sure to follow-up after the appointment.  Stay tuned.

Has anyone ever tried "holistic" or "natural" medicine and remedies and have any tips to share?
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Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

I think anything is worth a try, right?
I did see a homeopath as a last attempt to treat my Postpartum depression back in 2009. One of the treatments seemed to help my anxiety a little bit, but I tried several and none of them addressed my severe insomnia so I did end up on antidepressants after all.

Again, there is nothing wrong w/ trying! I have heard great things!

Natalia Simmons said...

I have a friend that lives in Aix les Bains and she suggested it to me as my whole house has been pretty sick lately. I haven't personally gone, but the mom who told me has 4 kids and have lived here for 11 years. So maybe she knows! Good luck, I am curious to hear how it goes!

va_grown said...

I'm so sorry that he's sick again! But I couldn't help but laugh about your "smack in the face with sage." :)

I'm no expert (although, just like you, I'm getting pretty experience with what DOESN'T work with our current pediatrician) but we've used holistic and natural remedies for the farm animals before. Obviously that's not completely applicable here, but worse case scenario is usually that nothing happens. We've had several instances when it did work as well as "modern" or chemical-based pharmaceutical options.

JMHO, but holistic medicine does tend to focus a little more specifically on identifying and eliminating the root causes of the issue, rather than just treating the symptoms. Is there an allergy trigger? Is there an environmental cause? Sanitation issue? (Again, that's more of a farming thing.)

Hope all goes well!

Ines Ofelia said...

Mi sobrino de 14 meses tiene un mes que le hicieron la "cirugia de los oidos", por las infecciones cronicas en el oido. El especialista le dijo a mi hermana que era lo mas apropiado para el peque, y ellos tambien ven doctores homeopatas y terapias alternativas como los imanes, las 3 personas estuvieron de acuerdo que no le haria danio hacerle la cirugia...... en si el termino cirugia se utiliza por que le ponen anestesia general pero no le abren el oido ni nada, es para evitarle la molestia y que se mueva durante el procedimiento. A camilo ( mi sobrino) le pusieron unos tubos en los oidos para estarle drenando el liquido de las infecciones que no logra salir por completo, hace un mes en tucson, lo que nos explico el dr es que les drenan el liquido que tienen como si te sacaran el agua que se te queda cuando vas a un alberca, y de ahi proceden a poner el tubo.... realmente tuvo un cambio tan drastico de humor, de salud ya no se ha enfermado de los oido, escucha mejor, camina mejor y como te digo lo impresionante es que ya no se siente tan irritado, es un bb risuenio pero ahora lo es mucho mas... por lo que yo te aconsejaria que no descartes el hecho de operarlo, pero tambien estoy de acuerdo en que intentes evitarlo con otros medios....Espero esten bien les mandamos muchos besos y ojala mejore pronto el hermoso

Liz said...

I second what VA_Grown wrote in the final paragraph. A holistic approach does treat the cause as opposed to the symptoms.

I have been a huge convert to the ways of chiropractors, so that would be something else I'd suggest.

Also, does Nathan take a pacifier? I ask because pacis are one of the biggest reasons for recurrent ear infections.

grlnxtdoor said...

Wellll since you asked. I do not have children so I am only providing this second-hand! But I do have 6 (count 'em, 6!) nieces and nephews so I have an ounce of credibility here. My family is EXTREMELY homeopathic - home births, probiotics, the works. And I have 2 sisters who swear by chiropractor appointments for ear infections. Alignment of the spine can affect the sinuses, apparently, and they both had experience with kids older who got them all the time and then stopped after the chiropractor and their subsequent kiddos went from newborn on and haven't had the same issues. It's worth a shot, right?! No matter what, good luck with it!

grlnxtdoor said...

That last one was from me Barbara, Megan!

Barbara said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I am definitely going to give it try, it definitely can't hurt and from what you all say it has a lot of positive effects. If all ese fails we will be putting in the tubes.
@Liz - he doesn't use a pacifier at all, so that's not the cause. We've also stopped the bottle after the first 6 ear infections.

Katharine said...

I agree with the above posts...I have been going to a chiropractor for a while now and it is amazing the difference it has made. I used to get sick all the time and have killer migraines constantly...and now they're gone. The x rays of my spine were off the charts for someone in their 20's...yay for me, I'm special. Anyway, homeopathic is a little hoaky sometimes but its great if you can get past that.

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