Weekend Hermit

Even though the gray skies are here to stay, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have a great weekend.

The excitement started when we decided it was time for Nathan to get another haircut. This boy’s hair is {OUT OF CONTROL}. It has been less than a month and a half since his last haircut and we could no longer contain the madness. Since it seems that EVERYONE in France goes out on Saturdays, we decided to get up bright & early to try and get a walk-in appointment at the salon. Yes, my 15 month old son goes to a salon.

He was all smiles and giggles until we walked in the door. As soon as he saw the stylist he tried to make a mad dash towards the door. When he realized the door was blocked by his father he began crying and screaming desperately. I guess this is a sign that he goes to the salon too often. Sadly, unless he wants to wear a big flowered headband in his hair, the salon is a necessary evil.

He sat down in the cool car chair but the tears didn’t stop. He cried and reached out helplessly at me. His look said it all.

“Please mommy, don’t do this to me anymore. Help me.”

Even though he was in severe emotional distress, he didn’t move once. This made the task much easier and it was over within minutes. As soon as he was out of his chair he went back to giggles and smiles. Obviously the experience didn’t traumatize him too much.

Later that morning I transformed myself into a hermit. I took out my study books and laptop and claimed my comfy spot on the couch. I didn’t step back outside the rest of the weekend. My wonderful husband did all the cooking, grocery shopping and child rearing for the weekend.

Since Saturday afternoon was rainy he decided to take Nathan to the indoor pool. We hadn’t been in months and we thought it would be a good way to let Nathan wear down his energy. They were gone for nearly 2 hours and I was going crazy. The house was so quiet and empty. I missed my boys. Even though I couldn’t study with them in the house, I definitely couldn’t study with them out of the house either. Isn’t that how it always works out?

Sunday morning Cornel made coffee and we at a delicious breakfast of pains au chocolate and croissants. Sadly, I think Nathan is more French than I like to admit. He devoured his croissant in no time.

I then reclaimed my spot on the couch while the boys headed out to church.

I got to spend some cuddle time with Nathan before the weekend was over. I can’t wait until my test is over so that I can finally spend some much needed time with my boys.

I have to admit that I have an amazing husband who not only took on the role of both father & mother this weekend, but that also cooked me nutella crepes for dinner on Sunday. Could life get any better?
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Liz said...

I took Kate for her first haircut at 15 months, and she, too, went to a salon. Both my girls go to my salon for their hair, so I'm down with that. :)

va_grown said...

Way to go hubby!

I got some much needed time this weekend to clean up my closet (fun!) while my husband had all 3 in the garage with him. Way to go great husbands!

Praying for you with your test.

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