I should have known that something like this was going to happen.  As soon as Cornel told me that he had to go out of town this week I should have known.  Every single time that Cornel travels for work there is imminent doom.

I have to admit that this time I brought it on myself.  Saturday when Nathan woke up with a fever I was stupid enough to say...

"It's a good thing this happened on Saturday.  He should be great all week while you are out of town".

I cursed myself.  I should have known karma was waiting right around the corner ready to come and bite me.

It all happened this morning when Nathan woke up with yet another fever.  We gave him some Advil and got him ready for school.  I knew he wasn't doing well.  I knew we were going to get that call from daycare; but I sent him to school anyway.  From the minute I left him he was crying, and at 9:45 the call arrived.

It was a great coincidence that Nathan had his 15 month check-up today, so we decided to leave him in school until his appointment later that afternoon.

It is obvious that this kid has had way too many trips to the pediatrician since he started crying as soon as he opened up the door.  I think it might be time to change doctors until Nathan starts catching on again.

The diagnosis:  an ear infection...yet again.  He also has some sort of cold virus, but who doesn't with this weather.

He wasn't well enough to give him his vaccines so we'll try again next month.

With all of this, Cornel is at his wits end with the daycare and wants to put him with a private nanny.  I think he is overreacting.

I mean, if it isn't now it will be in a few years when he starts school, right?  This means he'll be a healthier child, right?

Aside from the health issues, Nathan is really flourishing at the daycare.  He is involved in activities.  He has friends.  I see him developing into this great human being.  Is it really fair to take him out?  Too many decisions for this week.

As for now, I have to work from home for the next couple days and hope the baby makes a speedy recovery.  Of course he'll be ALL better by the time his daddy gets home from Italy.  Isn't that how it always works out?
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va_grown said...

Ugh! It sucks that this happened while you're on your own. That's definitely a decision that's going to take some consideration and discussion.

I'm lucky that my husband doesn't go out of town much, but something always happens when he does. Last time he left for a three-day conference and I broke my finger dealing with the horse the very 1st afternoon he was gone.

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