My other half

I don’t tend to give a lot of praise to my husband, at least not publicly for the world to see. It is always easier to write about things on a superficial level; the fun we have on vacation, weekends, etc. It is even easier to let out my frustrations and disagreements (sorry love). The truth is, that without my husband I would completely and utterly lost.

:.cue sappy music here.:

When we took the decision to live so far away from anything and everything familiar, I never realized the impact that this would have on our life. We have had to depend on each other probably more than a normal couple should. This has added a lot of stress to our marriage. Having a child multiplied that by 1000000. In the end, we have come out stronger because of it {although the road has not been at all easy}.

Through the years I have watched him transform from boyfriend to husband to father, and with each step growing into an amazing person. He can be selfless at times and tries to make sure that his family comes first and is always putting our needs ahead of his own. This balance is not always easy to find but he seems to manage with minimal complaining.

Now that I am facing the overwhelming challenge of attaining my professional certification {what was I thinking}, he has really stepped up. He takes Nathan to the park to make sure that I can get some much needed, uninterrupted, study time. {He also took pictures to make sure I didn't feel left out.  Tell me that is not amazing}.

He handles meals, laundry and dishes to make sure that I don’t have any distractions or excuses. He has taken over bath time, making sure to incorporate those teachable moments.

This man is the love of my life. He makes me try {although I hardly every succeed} to be a better person. I truly know that this man was meant for me. He is definitely my other BETTER half.
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Natalia Simmons said...

I totally understand!! On so many levels!

Elle The Heiress said...

That's so awesome, sounds like you have a fantastic husby! I think it's often easier for ALL of us to not praise our men, I know that's certainly true in my case. =/

Barbara said...

I'm the same way. I tend to always focus on the negative and I needed to really write about all the great things he does for us.

Liz said...

We, too, live far away from everyone and it has been this way since before kids.

When it's the 2 of you vs. The World, you have no other choice but to count on your counterpart for everything.

YAY for a great guy/dad!

Barbara said...

@Liz, thanks! it really has felt like us vs. the world for a while there!

Lady Jennie said...

By the way, had you heard about Message, the anglo-moms network in Paris? They have a website and it's really helpful just to vent or to get loads and loads of advice about admin stuff in France, cooking, etc.

va_grown said...

Oh, it sounds like you picked a good one! And it's so sweet that he takes pictures for you when you're not there! Good luck on the studies!

Barbara said...

@Jennie - thanks for the tip. Sadly I don't live near Paris, I'm about 3 hours away.
@jaime - God has really blessed me with this man in my life.

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