For the love of wine

My massage wasn't the only excitement of the weekend!

We were lucky enough to have tickets to the famous "Vinidome", the annual wine festival here in Clermont-Ferrand.  Although, it is hard to go anywhere in France without running into some sort of wine festival.

This was our first year, so we weren't sure exactly what to expect, but from what people told us - this thing was going to be fabulous!  And so, on Sunday after lunch we packed up the baby and headed out.

I have to admit that I felt like a bad mother taking my son to a drinking event.  I was reassured when I saw lots of other kids/babies all over the festival.  I couldn't believe how much wine people were walking out with.  I thought we would buy a bottle or two, but people were coming out moving dollies full of boxes.  This was some serious stuff.

Armed with our complimentary glasses we started making our way through the festival.  I have never been a wine connoisseur  and usually end up liking the cheap stuff more than the fancy expensive stuff.  My husband however, is very picky and only likes "certain" wines.

This made our trip easy.  I would stop at every other stand to "try" the wine while we listened to the people tell us about it's "flavor", yadda yadda while I gobbled it up.  Thank God I wasn't the one driving!

During all of this, Nathan was sitting in his stroller and started to get pretty antsy.  It didn't help the situation that someone had forgotten his sippy cup at home.  We made it to the food section just in time!  We gave him some of the sample cheeses and he couldn't get enough!  He might be a french baby after all.

Eventually, the two bottles we went to buy turned into 8, and we didn't have any place to put them.  So being the classy parents that we are, we took the baby {OUT} of the stroller so that we could put the wine {IN} the stroller!

I think Nathan got a kick out of it!

All in all, it was a great way to spend the afternoon.  I'm kind of sad we didn't take advantage of this the past two years that I've been living here.  We're not sure where life will take us next year, but if we are still in Clermont we are definitely going to try and make it back to "Vinidome".  Although maybe next time we'll trade the stroller for a moving dolly!

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Liz said...

You're not a real mom until you make the wise decision to put the wine in the stroller and have the kid walk! I LOVE it!

And Nathan is developing quite the palate now being a cheese connoisseur.

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

HAHA! that is classy! You are looking so cute - what a fun family outing!

Katie Vyktoriah said...

Lol. I can't wait until I can have a glass of wine. Sadly as I'll be breastfeeding, I doubt it's going to be for a good long while!

I would totally love to sample the cheese, though! ;)

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