A Box Full of Love

I thought that yesterday was going to be "one of those days".  I was staying home with a sick baby, husband on a business trip and I was feeling blah.  My head was still reeling with the decisions that need to be taken about Nathan's health.

Then the doorball rang.  Odd, who would be coming to my house in the middle of a Wednesday morning? I was shocked when our lovely postman {who climbed four flights of stairs to our front door} had a lovely package in his hands for MOI!  

I could tell right away that it was from the states, whit the lovely blue & white USPS insignia.  I was so excited when I saw it was from Casney!  Probably my oldest friend in the world {meaning we've known each other the longest, not that she's old}.  A care package all the way from Arizona filled with some of my favorite things in the world!

There were Girl Scout Cookies, peanut butter, coffee creamer and chocolate cookies just for Nathan.  {Although, I did have to taste test just to make sure they were good.}

For a sick kid, he was sure loving the box full of goodies.  Especially the chocolate cookies.

It seriously made our day at home so much brighter!  I couldn't believe she went to the trouble of sending us all these things.  I wish I could be closer to home, but I'm so grateful for the friends I have.  They are my world!!  I only wish I could be as a great a friend to them as they are to me.  I aspire to it everyday.

And on a lighter note, this is what happens when you leave your child unattended in his highchair for 1 minute.  

Trucks in his bananas.  I love this boy!

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va_grown said...

I'm in shock--they don't have JIF peanut butter in France? We'll have to mark that one off our bucket list! :)

When my daughter was first learning her letters she got all excited at the breakfast counter one day and said "Momma, I can spell 'peanut butter!' J-I-F!" It was too cute.

Natalia Simmons said...

Gotta love boys! Trucks and cars everywhere! Man those care packages are crucial!!!!!! I love getting them! I have family coming out in March and I am stoked because we have been in the house sick for weeks. I am going crazy!

Kim said...

Are those Thin Mints I see??? Yum! Do you put yours in the freezer? Only way to eat them! (in my opinion)

Michelle said...

Yay for American peanut butter! It's a packages-kind-of-week, huh?!

Barbara said...

@Jamie - I love that story. How cute!! Good thing you didn't have Skippy, that would have been harder to spell! =)

@Natalia - I don't know what I would do without the care packages! You are so lucky that your family is coming to visit. Usually we're the ones that have to make the trip out there.

@Kim, there is no other way to eat Thin Mints!

@Michelle - isn't it great??

Liz said...

Thin Mints are my absolute fave! I would be over-the-moon if I was you! :)

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