Beds & Biscotti

After the insane week that I had last week, I'm so happy that a new week is {FINALLY} starting!  Seriously, I never thought I would be so happy to see a Monday.

Cornel made it home very late on Friday night.  Thank God.

I'm always happy when Cornel gets back from a business trip, but I was ecstatic when he came home from Italy!  Why you ask?  Well because he came home bearing delicious gifts in the forms of chocolate biscotti, breadsticks and pasta!  He truly knows the way to my heart.

And so, I proceeded to spend the rest of my weekend eating biscotti and studying. There was a mini-breakdown when my computer stopped working, but we'll skip that part.

Today, however, was the day of all days.  The day when our pretty new bed arrived!  I feel like we have been waiting years for this bed, when in reality it has only been a couple of weeks.  Our old bed was needed some serious help.  It was actually Cornel's bed from his single bed which should be read as the cheapest bed he could find.  We needed to make the upgrade to a grown-up bed and finally decided that this was the year.

While Cornel tried to put the bed together my only "task" was to keep Nathan entertained.  Easy enough, right?  Wrong.  All he wanted was to be in there helping "dada".  I knew all those episodes of "Handy Manny" would come back to bite me.

He did do an AM.AZ.ING job of supervising daddy's work and would even "shout" out instructions as needed.

And so tonight, while I'm comfortably sleeping in my new bed I will be so grateful for a great week ahead.  If only because I finally have my husband home and a bag full of chocolate cookies with my name only!

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k said...

Oh that Handy Manny nothing but trouble : ) How cute that he shouted out instructions, i guess you know who to thank for your bed coming together!


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