15 Months

A year 1/4 has already gone by in the blink of an eye. My tiny little baby boy is now a toddler and full of life.  His personality is shining through and he is quite the entertainer. 

At any given moment you can watch him and see the wheels turning in his head.  He is inquisitive and wants to investigate everything.  He is impossible to keep track of, and is always learning how to get into new things that are off limits (such as daddy's prized sound system) or the kitchen trash.

He has learned that when he gets in trouble {for getting into things that are off limits} a simple smile and a hug can usually get him back on our good side.  He is nothing if not cunning.  As I try to strictly tell him "No, stop banging on the laptop", he'll make his way over to me, throw his head on my lap and hug me while he looks up smiling.  I'm such a sucker.  I wonder how much longer he'll have me wrapped around his little finger like this!

This month was the month of all months!  He started walking full time!  Thank goodness.  I was starting to get a little worried. Although, it is very obvious that it is much easier getting him to walk when there is an incentive involved; food, toys or a cute girl.  Hey, whatever works!  The only problem is that he hasn't figured out how to maneuver around objects and so if there is anything in his path it will either 1) trip him up and make him have to start all over again or 2) he will take said object with him until the end of his desired trajectory.  This goes for anything; toys, furniture, people.  He has trampled his father on a few occasions and so we have nicknamed him our little "bulldozer".  I see a career in professional football in his future, or as his dad says a future "rugby" player - whatever that is!

Taking him to the park is such a joy now since we don't have to worry about him being trampled by the other children.  If only the weather was nicer so that we could go more often.  And while we are on the subject of the playground, Nathan went down the slide for the very first time in his life this past Saturday.  He squealed in delight and would laugh hysterically as he reached the bottom trying to wiggle off fast enough to make it back again.  There is something magical about a baby's laugh that can brigthen up any day!

He became a very picky eater this month, although I attribute it to the arrival of two new molars!  They just came out of nowhere.  One day he opened his mouth and there they were.  At first I thought he had put some sort of trash into his mouth before we realized they were teeth.  He wasn't as cranky as he usually is through teething and I was expecting much worse.  Hopefully the rest of the teeth are so easy.

This month he also became very verbal and is our very own parrot.  Although at times it is hard to figure out which language he is speaking to us in.  He loves to grab the phones, put them to his ear and say 'hola'.  When we get to our front door he says "quatre" (because we live on the forth floor).  And as cute as it is, he hasn't really figured out the timing of words.  He knows he has to say "thank you", although he doesn't realize when he has to say it.  He hands us his toy and very politely says "thank you".  Luckily we have some time to work on it.

It is amazing how much he can change from one month to the other now.  And even more amazing how much fun we can have together!

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Liz said...

I still remember the feeling I got when my oldest first started walking all the time and she's follow me, walking around the house, just like an adult would. It's a pretty big change when kids hit that point!

va_grown said...

It's so neat that he's growing up bilingual. I have a friend who grew up speaking english and greek (and then picked up french and italian too!) and it was an awesome skill for her when she got older.

They grow so fast, don't they?

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