Vacation Recap

Here we are at mid-January and life is getting back to normal.  Most people have taken down their Christmas decorations and have started getting ready for the new year.  We are no exception, what little decorations we had came down this weekend and our household has resumed normality.  Well, as normal as we can be anyway.

And even though most of you have put Christmas way behind you, I still haven't had a chance to write about our wonderful vacation back to Arizona.  I ended up flying alone since Cornel had to work {BOO} and I survived my first solo transatlantic flight with baby in tow.

I had {BIG} plans to drop off the baby with the g-parents and go and have a fun filled week in Atlanta, which after seeing how exhausted poor Nathan was I had to cancel {double BOO}.  I guess I will have to save this for another trip.

It was so great to be at home with my parents and having Nathan meet everyone.  It was also so great to spend time with my sister & her hubby!  Nathan absolutely LOVES them!

A week after I arrived, Cornel finally joined us.  My mom gave us the {MOST} amazing gift ever, a long weekend at a 4 star resort in Tucson while she kept Nathan!  It was amazing!  Talk about feeling refreshed.  We had romantic evenings by the beautiful tree, quiet room service breakfasts enjoying this view, and peaceful walks through the desert.  All without a diaper bag!  Heaven.  I should also say that this was my first time away from the baby since the day he was born.  {GASP}

While we were in Tucson we also took advantage to attend my beautiful niece Alexi's 3rd birthday party!  The party was held at the Tucson Children's Museum and it was such a great place for a birthday party!  There were several different room for exploring and everything was hands on.  I am not sure who had the most fun, the kids or the adults!

We also went to Mexico where Nathan got to meet even more Aunts, Uncles & Cousins and enjoy some authentic carne asada (grilled steak).  He really got into the spirt of things...check out my little Mexican

The rest of the vacation was kind of low key.  Nathan spent most of his time playing with all of his toys under the tree (way before Christmas).  We spent time catching up with old friends and spending as much family time as we could.  A few days before Christmas, my sister and her husband came down to join the madness.  I don't think there have ever been so many people in my parent's house.  We all couldn't wait to see what Santa had left under the tree.

Like most people we opened up Christmas presents and Nathan was the clear winner, although he had more fun playing with the wrapping paper and bags.  I need to keep this in mind for next year!  

Like most vacations it was over way too quickly and now we go back to adjusting to the day-to-day!

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va_grown said...

Oh, it looks like wonderful, crazy fun! And what a great present from your mom. Every couple needs to refresh once in a while!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Oh my goodness how sweet of your mom to do that for you! what a fantastic gift!!

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