Pasta Carbonara

Ever since Cornel & I have been together, we've averaged about one trip to Italy a year.  {We're spoiled, I know}!

About once a trip {if not more} Cornel always orders Pasta Carbonara.  I remember asking once what the sauce was made of and heard "raw egg"; no thanks.  Although I should say that the heat of the pasta cooks the egg, so technically it is just an egg sauce.

So, last week when I asked Cornel what he would like to eat in order to plan my weekly "menu" he responded with "pasta carbonara".

I'm always up for a challenge, so I went searching for recipes and came across this one.

I had all of the ingredients, but I wasn't convinced.  So of course I had to tweak it a little until I came up with my own creation.  Instead of adding pasta water (which always seems icky to me) I added 1/2 cup of cream. {So not diet friendly}!

I have to admit that adding the raw egg to the sauce is more difficult than I thought it would be.  I wasn't fast enough in my mixing skills and there were tiny lumps of scrambled egg.  Oops.  Luckily it was only a few lumps since I seemed to get the hang of it after a couple of seconds.  Luckily Cornel didn't mind.

When we sat down for dinner, I was surprised that I actually liked the way it tasted.  I don't know why I had been so resistant before.  Raw egg and all.  I did ask Cornel what his opinion was compared to the "authentic" recipe and he did say that the sauce was a little to "liquidy".  So next time we will try 1/4 cup of cream and work from there.

This will definitely make another appearance on our dinner table!

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Katie Vyktoriah said...

The first time I heard of carbonara was when my ex-husband and I first went out to dinner together. I took him to an Italian restaurant in the States, and was trying to impress him with how much a woman of the world I was. He had come to visit from the UK, and I had never been out of the US. He had travelled all over Europe, and was 4 years older than my 19 years.

Anyway, he suggested we have "a nice carbonara." As I'd never heard of it before, I naively assumed that he was ordering wine, so I quickly stopped him and said, "Sorry. But I'm not old enough for that."

He looked at me like I was insane and said, "How old do you have to be to have carbonara??"

I responded, "Well, in the US, you must be 21. It's the law...." I thought it odd he didn't realise that. Especially as I'd taken him to a beer distributor the night before and they'd made me wait outside while he bought the hooch.

Suddenly, he started laughing at me, and I cottoned on that maybe carbonara wasn't wine after all...

He finally explained what it really was, and I felt like a complete idiot. But luckily he was made to feel pretty stupid when he tried to order it and the waiter had never heard of it either. ;)

When I eventually tried it (after I'd moved to the UK), it turned out I didn't even like it.

Sara said...

Sounds yummy! I wouldn't have ever known that raw egg was in it either...interesting!

Barbara said...

@Katie - that story seriously just cracked me up!

va_grown said...

Wow--you've come out of your food rut with a bang! Glad menu planning is working out for ya! (Next time my hubby complains that dinner's not exciting, I'll have to tell him to take me to Italy for inspiration!)

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