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January is one of the worst months for me & the hubs at work.  It means long days, long days and working weekends.  It doesn't leave much time for family or ourselves for that matter.  We make it an effort to spend time as family when we get home for at least a couple of hours before Nathan goes to bed.  But then, the laptops come out and it is back at it.

It has been mentally and physically exhausting.  This is why a night of drinks & apps with the girls sounded so tempting, but I didn't want to leave Cornel with the baby alone.  It was all too selfish.

That is why Cornel said that I could go, I was ecstatic.  He will have a "boys night in" with Nathan which is the sweetest thing.  Especially the first night of his birthday weekend.

I haven't been out with the girls in months and after a month like I've had I really need it.  Just a time to talk, laugh and unwind.  It is almost like a mini therapy session.

I am so grateful for:

{1.  A selfless husband}.  I have been truly blessed with this man!

{2. Great friends} that keep inviting me out even though I cancel 99% of the time (such is life with kids)

{3.  Great weather} while the US is getting bombarded with snow, we have been having amazing weather.  Even wearing a light jacket to work!

{4. Internet} to be able to keep up with my American shows while the hubs plugs away at work

{5. Sleep} Nathan is back to sleeping through the night for about a week.  There is truly nothing better.

{6. Kisses} Toddler kisses that are sloppy and wet are the best!

{7. Video Conferencing} where the grandparents get to talk to Nathan every Sunday, so they can watch him grow up even on the other side of the world.

{8.  Our Jobs} Is it my dream job? no.  Do I enjoy it?  Sometimes.  But it provides for our family and gives us the security to live comfortably.

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va_grown said...

I hope things lighten up for you soon. Working and being a mom is such a tough schedule. And kuddos to your husband for giving you a night out!

When I have night meetings (about 4 times a month) people at the mtg always ask "who keeps your kids while you're here?" Well, duh, their dad. But actually, I'm trying to change my thought and not ever take it for granted. I'm blessed to have a great husband who's also a great father--not every 33 year old guy would be able to handle 3 kids under 6 by himself all night long! These guys we have are keepers!

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