Some of you might already know that I'm an accounting nerd.  I studied it in college and became a professional auditor shortly there after.  Well, right before coming to France I sat for my CIA exam.  And no, it is nothing like the CIA's that do all that super secret spy stuff but rather certified internal auditor.  Like I said = nerd.

In any case, I ended up passing up 3 out of four sections of the exam and one month later I moved.  I changed positions so I wasn't auditing and basically had given up the certification.  Then one day I started thinking about things I would regret in my life and I thought back to the CIA.  I was so close to finishing and I just stopped.  I felt as if it was something that would hang over my head forever if I didn't get it done.  

So, I did my research and found out that I could sit for the final part of my exam here in France and in English!  I was so motivated that I paid the 200 euros, ordered my book for 60 euros and was all set to finish my certification.  Then the book arrived, and it sat unopened.  Life got in the way.  And very quickly the 180 days I had to sit for the exam started coming to an end. 

Then, last week it came.  An email from the board stating that I had to sit for the exam by March 16th or lose the 200 euros.  So, I registered.  I'm taking the exam on March 15th.  I still have yet to study.  I find it so hard to stay motivated.  I try to study during lunch time, but then the emails and phone calls come in and the book continues to sit unopened.  I tried to study this weekend and then I had Nathan coming over closing my book and playing with my notes.  It seems as if I'm doomed to fail before I even begin.

I'm really trying to get it together in the next two months!  So I'm asking for all of your suggestions.  How do you stay motivated?  How do you find time to buckle down and do something when life gets in the way?

Wish me luck!

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Ksam said...

I did the first year of a BTS diététique par correspondance, and the first few months were tough. Because the only deadlines were "Get all of the assignments done by Christmas", I basically didn't start any of them until late November, just because I couldn't make myself sit down and do it. Once I realized how much there was to be done in a short time, I panicked and knew I had to figure out a solution - which ended up being actually scheduling that study time into my day. Literally writing it into my planner & blocking that time off. Somehow seeing it on paper (or in electronic form) made it more official and I felt like I had to do it. And then I got into the rhythm of things and the next semester was much easier.

Elle The Heiress said...

I wish I had some advice or tips, but all I can say is good luck!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the advice! I started blocking out my lunch hour so that I have no meetings or anything scheduled. That is the great thing about the 2 hour french lunches! I'm seriously to the point where I just want to get it over with!

Kimberly said...

Good Luck Barbara!!

Katie Vyktoriah said...

Bless you! I know the feeling. I spent money five years ago to get qualifications in teaching english to speakers of other languages. I wound up doing one of the exams (Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers) and go through all of the curriculum for the rest of it, but I never sat the final exam. :( Eventually the school told me I had lost the money and was no longer eligible to take the test without completing the whole program again. It is a serious regret that I have.

I hope you're able to motivate yourself and get what you want. :)

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