Meilleurs vœux -Best Wishes

Am I the only one that feels like 2010 barely got started, and now I'm saying hello to 2011?  Really?  I guess it doesn't help that we celebrated NYE's on a plane somewhere over the midwest, so it never really felt like the year ended.  I stopped making resolutions because frankly I always sucked at keeping them which only led to depression when I realized I failed.

My dear husband is nothing like me {thank goodness} has made a small list of things he wants to accomplish this year such as finishing our bathroom renovation.  We should be so lucky.

As for me, I can only hope that 2011 is as good to us as 2010.

It was a year that was filled with ups & downs, a year filled with growing pains as we adjusted to becoming a family, new adventures and life in general.  The best part we survived and we survived as a family.  Let me recap the best of 2010...

1.  Celebrating the new year as a family of 3!
2.  Valentine's Day with my new favorite Valentine
3.  Our family trip to Paris
4.  Our family trip to Italy.  Extra special getting to see the Atlanta Boys & Matteo

5.  Our trip to Mont St. Michel.  It was a dream come true for me, and what is best we got to visit with amazing friends.
6.  The re-enactment of the French Revolution.  Vive la Revolution!
7.  Visiting Versaille
8.  Out trip to Spain

9.  Celebrating my first Mother's Day
10. Picnics in the Park
11. Beach time in Bulgaria/Romania
12. Four generations together & dedicating our son to God

13 & 14.  Birthday celebrations old & new
15.  By far...Christmas back home with family.

Happy New Year to everyone and meilleurs vœux (best wishes)

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Elle The Heiress said...

Looks like a great year!

Quiana said...

What a wonderful recap! Pic 12 is my fav. Such a blessing to have four generations together!

va_grown said...

What a wonderful post! The pictures are so lovely and so full of important moments to your story as a family. Thanks for sharing!

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