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This past weekend we celebrated Cornel's birthday but soon after things got very hectic around here so I haven't had time to post the pictures.  Sadly this will have to wait until tomorrow, because today I'm going to talk about how I got out of my food rut.

Thanks to all of your suggestions I decided that something needed to be done.  I don't have a crock-pot (only because I haven't been able to find one here, and trust me I've looked), so all of those easy recipes were out of the question.  Instead, I decided to start planning ahead. *GASP*  Everyone was shocked because these words hardly ever come out of my mouth.

To begin I made a menu for the week and then made out my shopping list accordingly.  Who would have though that this system would actually work?  Not only that but that it could save us some money without spending too much on unnecessary things that I will later throw away.

In any case, when Cornel got back from the store I noticed he had bought a lot of zucchini.  I mean like 5 or 6 to the 2 - 3 I needed.  I instantly knew what to do with them.

Over Christmas break my friend Casney brought over some zucchini, pineapple apricot bread.  Everyone in our house kept saying how good it was but by the time I went to take a piece, it was {ALL GONE}!  Lucky for me that Casney was great enough to entrust her recipe to me.

So on a lazy Sunday evening I made the Zucchini Pineapple Bread.  The entire house smelled delicious and made the house feel so cozy.  Not only that, but it also looked delicious!

There was still the final test...the taste.  While in theory making this bread sounded like a good idea, this house is filled with two men {well 1 1/2} who don't like zucchini.  I was nervous that I would end up throwing this all away. 

Thankfully this was not the case and both Cornel & Nathan ended up loving the bread!  

This inspired me to keep going and later this week I'm trying out my hand and making Pasta Carbonara (Cornel's favorite).  Hopefully I can keep the momentum going!

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va_grown said...

Wow--you should post the recipe. I wouldn't tell my family what was in it, I would just make it and see what they said. My older son thinks everything is "disgusting" right now--even though he eats it!

Congrats on the menu planning! It makes such a difference, doesn't it? One thing I do is keep the menus and every couple weeks just pull out an old one to go back to. I've got a stack of about 20 now of things we generally liked, and mostly I just keep rotating them around. Makes it even quicker and easier because I don't actually have to DO the planning part very often.

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