Haircuts & Pancakes

Is this weekend really ending - it hardly even got started.  I guess that what happens when you work on Saturday and you only have Sunday to call a weekend.  While working on a Saturday is not my idea of fun, Daddy & Nathan got to have a nice Father-Son day out.

It all started by taking Nathan to get his haircut because let me tell you the boy needed it!  His hair grows like a weed and this is the fourth time we have had to get it cut in 14 months.  Since I was at work, I asked Cornel to take a before & after picture for me.  When I opened my email with the pictures I quite literally laughed out loud.  The before picture of Nathan looked more like a celebrity mug-shot.

So if any of you are wondering when it is time to cut your baby's hair, it is about a week before they look like they need to go to rehab.

Lucky for all of us the after is much better (please ignore my messy living room).

When I woke up today I wanted to go above & beyond in the "homemaker" department to get over the guilt of having worked on a Saturday.  So I was determined to wake up early and make these pancakes again, because we had brand new syrup to try out.

*Side story: Every time Cornel goes to the grocery store (even with list in hand) he always comes back with something completely off the wall that was never on the list.  One day he comes home and says 

Him: "I bought something and I want you to teach me how to drink it"

Talk about being intrigued.

I was really not expecting to pull out a bottle of maple syrup.  This are the moments when you realize how much fun an international marriage is.  He thought that like vanilla syrup for coffee, that maple syrup is something you mix in your drinks.  The train of thought made sense, but I hardly expected to be teaching someone what maple syrup was.

Me:  "You know the stuff you put on pancakes"

Him:  "Pancakes are like crepes right?"

I forgot that I was living in a land where Bisquick doesn't own the pancake market.  * [End of Side Story].

Unlike last time though, Nathan LOVED the pancakes!  Although his were sans syrup.  If only I had the motivation to make these more often.
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Elle The Heiress said...

Momma, if THAT is a messy living room then my house needs to be condemned! And the maple syrups story? Hilarious!

Barbara said...

Girl-it's creative editing. If the picture was a little wider you would see the chaos that is my house!

Kimberly said...

Oh my gosh! I am dying over the first pic! Love it :)

va_grown said...

So cute! That first picture is definitely scrapbook material!

Michelle said...

Wow that kid has a lot of hair! That's insane! My girlie barely has enough for me to put a clip sad for all the beautiful hair (and eyelashes...why do boys always get the most fantastic eyelashes?) to be *wasted* on a boy!

Barbara said...

@Michelle, I agree. I keep saying how much I wish I had a girl with that hair that I could put bows in and "pebble" type ponytails!

Sarah said...

Ahaha! What a great picture! I have one of my husband with similar hair.

I love the syrup story too!

Selena Duron Ordoñez said...

hahahahahaha I love it!

Kiddothings said...

Hahah! I had to look at this when I saw it in your LinkWithin! That is the cutest mug-shot! He does have A LOT of hair! :D

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