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Are you ready for your cultural tidbit of the day? 

Today, some countries are celebrating "the epiphany" or the "King's Day".  Culturally, this is typically the day that most children get presents from the "3 wise men" and most people have the day off work.  I mean it was, afterall, the 3 wise men who brought gifts to Jesus and not Santa {shocking I know}! Some kids even leave food and water for the camels.  [End of cultural tidbit]

{Sadly} in France today is not a national holiday.  I guess this means I'll just have to make due with the other 18 national holidays. 

Since Nathan was spoiled over Christmas by the grandparents, there were no gifts waiting for him this morning but there was something even {BETTER}! 

What is better than presents? {CAKE}!  A galette du roi, king's cake, to be exact!  This delicious little pastry has been on sale since mid December and yesterday my DH brought one home and from Maison Vacher no less!  {It really is true love}.

There is nothing better in this world than french pastries, and the galette du roi is no exception!

This little cake has a tiny ceramic trinket hidden inside which one lucky person will find in their slice!  The significance of the trinket varies from country to country, but from what I know the person who finds the baby has to pay for the cake.

While Nathan could really care less about the tradition and the day; he did enjoy his first slice of galette.  What is even better is that they always give you the cake with these adorable little crowns. 

Because afterall, who doesn't want to be king for a day, or in Nathan's case prince.

King's Day could not have fallen on a better day, since it is Thursday.  I have been super cranky and tired since Nathan is still not sleeping, so I really need to stop complaining and be thankful for all of the great things that I do have.

{1. A wonderful husband who buys me cake} "No I'm not high, I used to be fat"
{2 - A happy & healthy baby} Even though he has been driving me bonkers at night his smile and laugh can melt my heart
{3 - Coffee} which has managed to keep me {somewhat} sane this week

And while I know there are so many other things to be thankful for this week.  I'm going to be thankful for the chance to get some rest so I can think more clearly next week!

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Jessie Szmanda said...

Yay! You're back, I've got a lot of catching up to do. And what a cute little king you have :)

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