Birthday Love

It is my husbands birthday on Saturday and I have been racking my brain about what to do!

You see, I have a condition called "Birthday Obsession".  I love all things Birthday, especially when they are not my own.

I love the cakes.  I love the presents.  I love the candles {although after I nearly burned down a house in Atlanta, this is ranking lower on the list}.  Everything and anything birthday related, I'm all about it.

My husband, on the other hand is what I like to call "Birthday Averse".  He hates anything having to do with birthdays {well, except the cake maybe}.  He hates having to do things for my birthday, but above all he {HATES} to celebrate his.  In fact, I think if January 15th were no longer on the calendar, he would {REJOICE}.

So, every year I'm stuck deciding on how to have the "perfect" birthday for the person who hates birthdays.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.

The birthdays past have tended no to live up to expectations.  There was the year when I had to hide presents/cake in the basement and try to sneak them up without him noticing.  FAIL.

Last year, I was lucky enough to have my mother in law here to watch the baby while the hubs and I went out to dinner.  We were both so sleep deprived and exhausted that we barely made it through dinner.  FAIL! {At least we looked cute}.

As for the presents I bought him, well they are still in a drawer UNOPENED!

[Side story]

Every time we walked into an electronics store, Cornel would always browse through the digital frames.  He always commented how much he liked them and how we should buy one.  So assuming he wanted one, I bought the nicest one I could find.  I mean we had just had a baby surely he'd want to have pictures in a convenient digital frame format.  WRONG.

[End Side Story]

So now, reliving the nightmare of birthdays past I'm completely nervous and stumped as to what to do this weekend!  One thing is for sure, the cake will be delicious and after-all, sometimes cake is all we need.

Do you do anything special for birthdays?

In completely unrelated news....I just joined twitter {do you see that pretty blue button on the left side of my blog}.  I mean, it's about time I caught up with technology!  So follow me, we can talk about fun things and you can share in my madness!
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Katie Vyktoriah said...

Birthdays are the worst for me! My family never really celebrated them, so I never had parties or got presents (unless you count the annual birthday card my grandma never fails to send with a $5 bill inside (despite the fact I live in the UK and can't spend it)). So I'm clueless about what makes the day special for others.

My ex-husband was particularly ungrateful for my efforts. Two days after moving from Pennsylvania to England, I put together a party at a local restaurant and managed to invite all of his friends and family. He was turning 25. And I was moving here to get MARRIED to him. I hadn't time to buy him a present yet, but wrote him a lovely card.

He threw an absolute fit and spent the whole time complaining I hadn't sorted out a cake. "My ex-girlfriend got me a cake."

I told him if he kept it up, he'd be telling people his ex-fiance had punched him in the face on his birthday. ;)

va_grown said...

Oh, that's tough! We always grew up that birthdays were IMPORTANT. Husband thinks it's "just another day." Ugh! He celebrates with us, but I pretty much have to do EVERYTHING related to it other than eat the cake. And he ALWAYS guesses any gift I get for him, unless it's a total FAIL--there's been several of those too. My love language is "gift giving" and "acts of service"--my husband's is "words of affirmation." That probably explains the disconnect. :)

Praying for ya!

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