Overseas Adventures

Well, I am very glad to report that we survived our first solo overseas trip.  I was really starting to freak myself out about having to fly by myself with the baby and over fourteen hours no less.

We arrived at the airport very early so we decided to stop in and have some coffee and croissants.  Nathan was in heaven in the tiny toddler armchairs.  I was hoping his good mood was a sign of good things to come. Daddy had also bought Nathan a cute book for the flight with pop-up windows all about Christmas.

With about a half hour to go we said goodbye to Cornel and crossed through security and customs.  There was a cute play area that kept Nathan entertained until it was time to board on our first flight to London.

We boarded the plane and we were in a window seat.  Not ideal since I knew Nathan would have a lot of energy and I wouldn't be able to walk him up and down the aisle. I tried to settle in to the seat and Nathan was moving all over the place.  He loved looking out the windown and trying to play peek-abo with the people behind us.

When the flight finally took off, chaos ensued.  Nathan was in rare form.  I tried to give him cookies to keep him occupied which he offered to the gentleman sitting in the aisle.  Luckily there was no one in the middle.  I set him down on the floor to try and grab his sippy cup and he started crawling underneath the seat.  By the end of the two hour flight I was exhausted and was cursing my idea of flying solo with Nathan to the States.  In the five minutes it took us to land somehow Nathan had passed out.  Perfect!  Now I have a sleeping baby and I have to switch planes.

I tired to grab all of my personal belongings but sadly I left his new book and my sanity behind on the plane.  Luckily Nathan kept slept through the entire de-planing process.  I got him in his stroller and we proceeded to continue through Heathrow to get on our next plane.  The people at Heathrow were nice enough to let me go through all of the VIP lanes since I was travelling alone with a baby.  Kudos to you Heathrow!

The problem with the VIP lane meant Nathan had 0 time to finish his nap.  Not less than 15 minutes before deplaning I was in line for security.  I placed all of my belongings on the belt before having to lift Nathan out of the car seat.  He kept sleeping, but then came the task of folding the stroller and lifting it onto the belt with a toddler on my shoulder.  I want to give a big thanks to the American asshole behind with his headphones on that was pretending not to see me while I struggled to lift my Maclaren.  And after I woke up Nathan and he began crying hysterically and I finally managed to get the stroller on the belt, who then asked if he could go ahead of me.  No Jackass, you can't.  And I pray to God I set off the machine to make you late for your flight just for being an obnoxious Abercrombie wanna be.

We boarded the plane and settled in.  I was in the bulkhead seat, which meant Nathan go his very own bassinet for the trip.  Thank you God!  I wasn't going to have to sit through 10 hours with a cranky infant on my lap.  We did do some laps up and down the aisle before the rubbing of the eyes began.  He then proceeded to sleep comfortably for the next 8 hours.  Thank you God.  Mommy was too worried that he would tumble out of the bassinet (even though he was strapped in) so I just caught up on terrible movies while the little guy slept.  He woke up with about a half hour to go in the trip.  After changing his diaper he settled into the seat and proceeded to eat while playing peek-a-boo with the man across the aisle.  I think they were both having fun.

When we finally arrived in Phoenix I waited patiently by the door for our stroller.  After five minutes I asked one of the people if they were going to bring it soon to which he replied that I would find it at baggage claim.

Excuse-me?  I have to carry Nathan all the way through customs and baggage claim.  BIG FAIL British Airways!  Just when I was starting to like you.

Luckily customs was a breeze and our stroller and bag were waiting for us when we got to baggage claim.  My arms were a little sore and tired, but I'll take.

So we survived our first solo trans-atlantic flight and now we are dealing with jet-lag!  The first night Nathan woke up at 12:30 AM asking for breakfast.  Ouch!  It hasn't gotten much better but thankfully my parents are here to help me with the transition.  And I thought Daylight Savings Time was bad!
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Natalie said...

Glad you both made it safe and sound! Hope you're enjoying your vacation w/ you family :)

Elle The Heiress said...

You should be so proud of your momma skills for doing all of that by yourself!

va_grown said...

Whew! You are so brave! I don't think I could do it. Have you visited www.gypsymama.com? She travels internationally with her kiddos a lot too--and some of her stories make my hair stand up just thinking about it!

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